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Mobile Learning Classroom Experience

No description

arvin Ross

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Mobile Learning Classroom Experience

Mobile Classroom
Continue To Explore
1) Have you ever been permitted to use your cellphone in Class?
2) Have you ever Experienced a Mobile Learning Classroom?
3) What is one thing your Mobile Learning
Classroom Should include?

Questions For ActivEngage:
Mobile Toolkit
We will be traveling around the country for the next six months empowering students and teachers with the usage of mobile technologies.
Student led
Revolutionizing our education system
Inspire and educate students and teachers
life-long digital learners
The mission of the DLR Tour is to inspire students and educators with the usage of mobile learning and bring awareness to the digital learning revolution.

Mobile Classroom Experience

-Traveling around the world
-Inspiring and equipping others to re-Imagining education
-Partnering educators, students, parents other companies
-Bringing concept to reality

Digital Learning Revolution
Map of everywhere we have been
Download the app
To all of our sponsors
Mobile Classroom Component wall Wall
iSchool App
-Pioneered taking devices to our classroom
-Eliminated the need for paper, books, pens, and pencils
-Giving birth to Mobile Learning
On our journey we found out it wasnt enough to just inspire others to learn. We had to equip them

Enter to win a free tour stop at your school
Build a Mobile Toolkit (chance to win an Otterbox Case
Talk to our reps about getting a involved in the
Essential Component
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