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Classroom Rules & Expectations

Ms. Withorn 8th Grade LA

Tia Withorn

on 16 August 2015

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Transcript of Classroom Rules & Expectations

How can you be successful this year?
-Take Notes in your Composition Notebook

Classroom Rules & Expectations
Respect your peers
Respect your teachers
Respect yourself
Respect your school
Composition Notebook
Writing Instrument (pen or pencil

Language Arts Folder
Beginning and End of Class
Be in your seat WHEN the bell rings
Begin to work on the Take Off immediately after the bell rings
End of Class- I dismiss you, not the bell.

Please try to be these things each day:
Cooperative: do your fair share and encourage others to also
Positive: only say those things which will make someone feel better
Helpful: but only when help is wanted
Hard Working: do your personal best!
Follow Directions & Ask Questions
What is the purpose of safety?
Why is it important?
for yourself. Only you have control over your actions and reactions.
•Keep hands and feet off of others, their belongings, and the desks
•Never throw objects of any kind
1. On your note card, write three goal you have for yourself this year
2. Tape your card to the inside of your Language Arts folder on the pocket.
Be Safe
Be Responsible
Be Respectful
Jets Exhibit safe behavior, Take responsibility, and Show respect
With these in mind, we are going to create a class constitution to interpret, define, and specifically explain our rights and responsibilities.
What is a constitution?
Mrs. Wood's Classroom Rules
Activity: Classroom Constitution
You will be given a piece of paper where you will write 3-5 rules or expectations you have for students in this class.
Example: Do not take someone's pencil without permission.
*You will have two minutes. When the timer goes off, face forward with eyes on me.
1. Turn to your neighbor, and introduce yourself with your name, favorite activity or thing to do, and the one thing (or person) you can't live without
2. Share your rules with your partner and decide on two you both think are the most important.

3. Now, you will get into groups of four with those around you and introduce your partner and one fact about them that you learned (favorite activity or the the one thing they can't live without).
4. Discuss the most important rules or expectations that you and your partner came up with.

5. With your group, decide on five rules or expectations that the group finds as the most important to add to the class list.
*You will have 3 minutes
*You will have four minutes
We will then eliminate any duplicates and as a class, vote on the top ten to write into our class constitution.
I will call on group members to come to the board and write their five rules
What is the purpose of our classroom?
Constitution: written fundamental principles according to and acknowledge by a group of people
Rules should be appropriate: no frivolous or offensive rules
Our main purpose is to LEARN
You have the right to two things
- Equality
- Learning environment
What behaviors interfere with learning and infringe on students' rights to learn?
Classroom Procedures
Absent: "What you Missed"
Find your class period and your paper
It is your responsibly to complete the work you missed. It will be due the next day. You must turn it in to the Turn-In Bin.
Getting up Procedures
If you need to sharpen your pencil or do not have one = index finger or raise your pencil
If you need to throw something away/get a tissue = closed fist
Question/comment = raise your hand and wait to be called on
You have three minutes between classes, this is plenty of time to use the restroom (remember you do not need to go to your locker between each class)
Hold up agenda = *Not during instruction*
If it is an emergency, you must sign YOUR agenda. You will not be allowed the first or last 5 minutes of class.
Remember: this is not a punishment. This allows you extended time if needed and for you to catch up on missing work. Our goal is for you to be successful!

1. Come to class on time and prepared- agenda, composition notebook, folder, writing utensils
2. Check the board for the day's Agenda- writing down homework (Practice/Prep), Learning Target, etc
3. Follow Classroom Procedures and
Class Procedures/Expectations
Attitude Toward Learning (ATL)
Daily Behavior Scores
4 = Goes above and beyond to assit other students in being safe, responsible, and respectful.
3 = Consistently meets criteria for being safe, responsible, and respectful during class.
2 = Inconsistent in meeting criteria for being safe, responsible, and respectful.
1 = Rarely meets criteria for being safe, responsible, and respectful.
Behavior Consequences
Weekly Rewards: average ATL score
Pattern of 2s and 1s (3 days in a row) contact parent/guardian
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