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Personal goals

No description

lynne gilbert

on 24 May 2017

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Transcript of Personal goals

What are your healthy lifestyle goals?
First: Keep a journal of your daily activities.
What does this involve
How do you start to evaluate your lifestyle habits?
What are you tracking?
Track your activities over a three day time period
1. Daily physical activities
How many minutes of each day are you physically active?
What are the activities?
Keep track of the following:
How many minutes per day do you spend in the following activities?
1. watching TV
2. texting
3. computer
4. gaming?
5. talking on the phone
Screen Time
How many minutes do you spend?
1. Sitting
2. walking
3. sleeping
4. eating
What do you eat?
Write down everything you
eat for the next three days.
Many times we are unaware of what we actually do, do not do, and eat during the day. Keep an activity journal and food diary puts focus on what we actually do.
Why keep track of all this "stuff"?
Once we figure out "what" we do, we can determine how to make changes if changes are needed.
What do we do with the information?
Today we will focus on how to collect information to evaluate our current habits.
This week we will be focusing on different components of a healthy lifestyle.
fitness diary
What do we do with the information we obtain from a diary?
Today we will discuss fitness goals.
So what?
Let's take a look at what the test represent and why we test
So how did you do on your fitness testing?
Why test???
you can improve your scores, typically by 10% over a year.
health-related fitness components are
components which can be improved .
On your fitness score cards, record these numbers.
then record a 2% improvement on each component for the 2nd 9 weeks goal.
So, let's look at your individual scores.
calculate 10% of each score. this is how much we all should be able to improve if we work on those fitness components.
This is the purpose of this unit of Health.
we are going to develop our own individual fitness programs.
So what in the world do we do to improve our scores?
What determines the
changes we make in our
fitness routine?
Principle of Progression
Principle of Overload
Principle of Specificity
add to intensity, time
or frequency of workouts
working at a higher level than normal to
create improvements
work specific components
of fitness
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