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Web Resources

Tips on why and how to identify credible online resources.

Joshua Boles

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Web Resources

RESOURCES Databases THE THREE QUESTIONS Where should I search first? Reviewed by experts
No worries about reliability
Provide you with citation info With ANY website you use, you should be able to answer these: Look for a link. It might say:

About Us
Author Info
etc. Search Strategy Starting Lineup Try
some What does Google actually DO??? Use KEYWORDS Key + word = a word that unlocks FACT? The internet is a magical, happy and safe place where no one ever lies or gets hurt. Web Resources REALITY The internet has just as many pitfalls as the real world. And if you stray into the wrong part of the web, bad things can happen. Some bad things are funny... Some bad things are
not so funny. Identity theft
Online predation
Spam When doing research,
you have to make sure your are giving you
credible information. What would I need to pack for an expedition to the Arctic? How do You Know? Arctic weather clothing Arctic expedition tools Food for Arctic REMEMBER For every website,
you MUST know: Who wrote it?
Why did they write it?
Why can I trust it? Okay,
Let's see
what you
know... WHO WROTE IT?
WHY CAN I TRUST IT? Just because they
tell you who they are,
does NOT mean they
know what they're
about. YOU have to
decide if you think
they are qualified... a Prezi by Mr. Boles www.what??? What does each domain really mean? - .com
- .org
- .net
- .edu/.k12
- .gov
- .mil
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