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Updated Student Growth Objectives - SGOs

DEPAC Presentation

Bethanne Augsbach

on 12 July 2014

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Transcript of Updated Student Growth Objectives - SGOs

Step 3:
Set ambitious and
Student Growth Objectives

Student Growth Objectives
5 Steps of the SGO Process
September 2013
DEAC Update
February 2014

Step 1: Choose or Develop a Quality Assessment
Step 2: Determine Students’ Starting Points

Step 4:
Track Progress, Refine Instruction
Step 5
Review results and score
in consultation with your
principal or supervisor

Step 4:
Track Progress,
Refine Instruction

Progress Monitoring

Teacher Observations
Anecdotal Notes
Rubrics and Scales


Running Records
MFR and RTI Data
Department Tests
Course Exams

SGOs for 2014-2015 will be determined
through our ongoing collaborative process
using state guidelines.


BY MAY 2014
Review Results and Scores

SGOs: Updated

Completed Prior to
November 15, 2013
Completed Prior to
November 15, 2013
By November 15, 2013
Meetings were held to set all SGOs
As per state guidelines:
SGOs were revised
by February 15th as needed.
SGOs will be uploaded by April 30, 2014
Teachers will be provided support as needed
SGO iObservation form opened for all teachers
Maternity Leave

As per NJDOE
no newly
created SGOs
February 15th.

iObservation Tool:
As Completed:
Ongoing Formative Assessment Data


AchieveNJ SGO Web Page and Bulletin:
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