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Fahrenheit 451

No description

Kaila Latham

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451
by Ray Bradbury

Media Bias
Fahrenheit 451
"If you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none."
"Each man the image of every other; then all are happy."
"Not everyone born free and equal, as the Constitution says, but everyone made equal."
No Individuality - Conformity
No Creativity - Uniformity
Ignorance is Happiness
Knowledge is Confusion
No Truth - Only Lies
"How long has it been since you were
bothered?" -
Fahrenheit 451

Nazism - "each man the image of every other" - blonde, blue eyes
Marxism - "not...born free ad equal" but "made equal" - unhappy with inequality
Communism/Socialism - "don't give him two sides to a question...give him none" - everyone works for greater cause
Ignorance of People
Weak "Empowered"
True Power Within Government
Search for Utopian Ideals
Ultimate Failure
Political Correctness - "a ban against language or practices that could offend women, minorities and other legally or socially protected groups"
- Benefits Without Disadvantages
- Groups Offended by Tradition
of Other Groups Dilemma
- Form of Oppression
Social equality (a liberty) becomes economic equality, which destroys free markets and attempts to create egalitarianism on all levels
Individual expression (a freedom) becomes a philosophical debate, which instills division - what lead to the destruction of knowledge fictionally
Current Events
American Military & National Defense
"if [political correctness] continues to suppress the warrior spirit, there will be no one left to defend the Constitution...and [America] shall perish as a nation"
Standard of Living
Television-Wall Sets
Used as Medium of Information
- Virtual Family
- "no matter when [Montag] came in, the walls were always talking to Mildred"
(Bradbury 44)
- "'Books aren't people'" but "'[her] family is people. They tell [her] things: [she] laughs, they laugh! And the colors!'" (Bradbury 73)
- Scene with Mildred and Her Friends
Relation to Modern Society
TV's - everyone has them
Bureau of Labor Statistics -Americans Time Use Survey
What is the average time spent watching television in the US?
How many years will an average American spend watching TV in his lifetime?
What percent of American households possess at least one TV?
What percentage of US homes have 3 or more TVs?
What percentage of Americans regularly watch TV while eating dinner?
How many movie rentals occur daily?
Most Relatable
Percent of 4 to 6 year olds who, when asked to choose between watching TV and quality time with their fathers, preferred television
Smart Phones
56% of people own a smart phone, and 80% of the time spent on these phones involves apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and other social media
Virtual Family
Personal Experience
Is This a Problem?
Mindless individuals fixed on a box that tells us things
Not in touch with reality
Maria Pestrikoff
Alaskan Woman
September 12, 2012
Inanely fell from a 60 foot beach cliff
She was not paying attention to her surroundings because she was texting
San Francisco
"Act of changing or suppressing speech or writing that is considered subversive of the common good." - Merriam-Webster
The Alabama publisher NewSouth Books released a censored version of
Huckleberry Finn
, which replaces the offensive term "nigger" with the word "slave."
They also replaced the slur "injun."
Just like the government in
Fahrenheit 451
, NewSouth Books censors words that people may not want to hear, even if it includes facts of history.
Censorship Today
Modern censorship is a control
over the public's opinion
News omits key facts
and only gives one
side of a story
Snowden documents show collaboration between government and major corporations to collect data - this was not otherwise reported
Pop Culture
Colonel Vogel: "What does the diary tell you that it doesn't tell us?"
Henry Jones: "It tells me that goose-stepping morons like yourself should try reading books instead of burning them."
- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
North Korea
The government allows virtually no internet or cell phones, and even electricity is rare
Fahrenheit 451
The citizens in the future are consumed by mindless technology that requires no thinking.
They are fed useless information that is not offensive or intelligent. It keeps the population content in complacency.
Fahrenheit 451
Comparison to Today's Society:
The government of Russian Federation, specifically Russian President Vladmir Putin, has endeavored to propagandize American society through money investments in American projects, "caring" about its industrial affairs to gain international attention
Putin has lied, stating that the American government is inefficient and inadequate, while Russia is successful and prosperous
"If Russia can convince you, as a Westerner, to focus on critiquing you own government, you'll be less inclined to criticize the geopolitical competition...
and yet attempts at free speech and opposition to power in Russia put citizens at risk of being either imprisoned or liquidated"
This quote underscores irony of President Putin's statement and the hypocrisy (hiding his own country's suffering)
Russian Protests in Response to Putin:
Beginning in December 2011 through 2013, Russians have protested against their deceptive government
It began in response to the 2011 Russian legislative election process, which according to Russian journalists and the public,were considered flawed
5 hours, 11 minutes
9 hours
6 million
The Story of the Life of Ray Bradbury
The End
The government resorts to killing a scapegoat to alleviate fear
It manipulates the thoughts of the citizens, making them think the situation is perceived better than truth
The totalitarian government in

refrained from disclosing depth through burning of books, or knowledge of life
The protests were aimed at the ruling party, United Russia, and its leader, Putin
They were called the "For Fair Election" protests
Many conflicting opinions dominated the society, and some believed there was vote fraud, while others rallied in support of the government
Protests were marred by violence
In June 2012, laws were enacted that set strict boundaries on protests
Russian Voters Demand Free and Fair Elections
Russian protests, revolts, and revolutions dominate their society; conflicting opinions in media worsen it
Oppressive government has total control, and when people try to rebel, they are punished (intimated and threatened)
To cover up these events, Putin tries to scrutinize American society through media in an attempt to make his country seem perfect, aiming worldwide focus elsewhere
Another Example
A Communist resurgence attempt takes place
China's television networks have been deluged with "Red" dramas to promote patriotism, loyalty to
Communism, and
glory to the army
These "Red" dramas were once effective propaganda tools of the Communist party and now influence the younger generation
This shows the media bias and use of propaganda to sway thoughts
Media only says what the government tells it to say
Truth About Media
Contrast to
Fahrenheit 451
When the government failed to catch
Montag, it lied to appease the people
It hides books full of knowledge from the people to promote the democratic ideal of "equality"
The government manipulates its inhabitants' sense of security because they hold an "abundance" of knowledge
"If you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him."
- Captain Beatty,
Fahrenheit 451
In Society
Media is "assailed on all sides, by the crushing economics of their business, dishonest sources, inhuman deadlines, pageview quotas, inaccurate information, greedy publishers, poor training, the demands of the audience and so much more"
In America
The combination of media bias and technological advancement in America and Bradbury's fictional society are similar
Although Fahrenheit 451 is an extreme form of media dictatorship, America shows characteristic symmetry in diluted form
Impact on Society
Though no power currently enforces blatant media law or bias, the people often lack information and make hasty conclusions
In the US, television is still the public's top news source, and most believe that journalists make sense of issues and conflicts
The public thinks the press is a "watchdog," which prevents political leaders from misleading the public
Naivety of the nation in accepting and trusting partial knowledge is frightening
Media has tremendous influence on both culture and politics
Positive and negative consequences
Misleading propaganda regarding reckless behavior of individuals receives promotion (such as tabloids)
Media subconsciously effects individuals more than political debates or social issues - it can plant thoughts of self-worth in one's mind
A recent study shows that media plays role in development of eating disorder symptoms
Many girls desire to be skinny upon seeing "glamorized thinness" of models in magazines (in undoubtedly edited pictures)
Montag's fellow citizens have become entirely submissive to their government
Anna Wood
Innocent Diet
Eating Disorder
Death at 18
Brain Damage, Paralysis, Collapsed Lung, and Heart Attack
Young people often allow the images
they see to encompass their thoughts
and contort their perspectives
Media can have harmful and beneficial effects
Man must be careful and not let the media manipulate us (like mere puppets)
Media can sway opinion, RESEARCH,
and evaluate
Be aware that media is biased
Media can
distort the truth
James Mahler
Caleb Czimskey

Hannah Davis
People today often listen to media and make assumptions about society rather than actually researching the media's tendency towards bias and falsehood
Media captures events and draws viewers in with its persuasiveness and particular depiction of an issue

Public ought to be cautious of

Nathan George
Huckleberry Finn
Control of Public Opinion
North Korea
Evolutionary Process
Political Correctness
- Social vs. Economic
- Individuality vs. Division
Government relies on scapegoat
Everyone under government surveillance
Russia and China
Effect on Society
Television Statistics
Alaskan Woman
San Francisco Murder
Recurring structures that promote Montag's curiosity and desire for knowledge
Rebirth and Self-Evaluation
Montag's gradual process of realization
Scent of kerosene once a sweet aroma later becomes repugnant
Recognition of truth in books
Emphasizes knowledge over ignorance
Counteracts societal norms
Fahrenheit 451 - title regarding temperature
Firefighters - burn the books
Flames - eliminate conflict of opinions and prevents rebellion
"Fire is bright and fire is clean"
Fire destroys knowledge, therefore destroying one's ability to retain individuality.
The government only seeks a facade of happiness for its people and uses censorship, propaganda, and technology to achieve its goals.

Fire makes all people the same.
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