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Locker Re-Design


tanay bhalerao

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Locker Re-Design

The Mini Garage
Problem Statement
Re-design the student lockers at a large public high school.
"Large" Public "high school"
School Authorities

Gender: Male/ Female
Age Group: 10-18 years
Time Spent near locker: Apprx. 3-4 hours per week
Utility Value: High
Strength of Students: Apprx 1000
Space Available: In corridors near classrooms(Dimensions)

Motive: Increase productivity of students
and Space Management
Concerns:Reduce Costs of Implementation
and Safety of the student
Concept & Purpose
Need for storing personal belongings. Also compartments help the categorization of the things one puts in a locker.
(At an educational institute)
For easy access to books and to keep other personal belongings required for everyday activities at school
[ Step 1: Understanding the need ]
Design Flaws
[ Step 2: Finding the flaws in the current design ]
The current lockers are useless. Nothing can be stored in it.(Internal Space issues)
Occupies excess space externally(Less space in the passageway)
Sharp Edges and unattractive
Not properly illuminated.
Not safe
[Step 3: Addressing the problems described and improving the design]
Work Around:
Movable compartment separators for managing space internally.
The locker door opens similar to a garage shutter.
Fridge illumination technique can be used inside the locker.
A safe box inside the locker for valuables.
No sharp corners
Colorful from outside and proper ventilated
[Step 4: Test the concept and bring it in use]
Prepare few test models and bring it to use
Take feedback from students and school authorities and improvise if necessary
Educate students how the new locker system would help them
Explain the school authorities how the locker design is efficient and how economies of scale can bring about a cost reduction.
Additional Utilities
[Step 5: After successful product launch, make few addons available for use]
Additional items :(At an additional cost)
A bottle holder and a fancy pen stand
Sticky notes
A Slot in locker door and a pouch inside if anyone wants to send an offline message which you can check later
Pouch Idea
Pouch Inside
Slot Outside
This way other people can connect with you
by leaving small notes
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