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Ana Acedo

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Tennis

SOME BASIC INFORMATION ABOUT TENNIS. TENNIS EQUIPMENT In tennis you have to use: HOW DO YOU PLAY TENNIS? You have to hit a felt-covered ball over a net, into the opponent's side of the court.
There are single matches: played between two players; and doubles matches: played between two teams of two players.
You can play in a "best of three" match where the winner is the first who win three sets; and in a "best of five" match where the winner is the first who win three sets. In each sets there are six games. TENNIS Tennis is one of the most played
sport everywhere. Lots of people go to
see the matches played by professional
and famous players. Women's matches are
as important as men's matches.
Tennis first appeared was in England on the
It was very different in the past. It was
called lawn-tennis. lawn césped A tennis raquet A felt-covered ball A net Your body felt-covered cubierta de fieltro SINGLE MATCH DOUBLES MATCH BASIC RULES OF TENNIS 1- In single matches the court must measure23,77 metres long and 8,23 metres wide. In doubles it must measure 23,77 metres long and 10,97 metres wide.
2-If a tennis player hits the ball from his right, it must land in the first rectangle of the left side of the opponent's court.
3-If the ball touch two times the net on the serve it will be point to the opponent.
4- You can only hit the ball one time.
5-You can't hit the ball with the foot.
6-The ball can only bounce one time on your side of the court.
7- In each sets the players will play to the best of six games and there must be a difference of two points.
8-In a set if the players are tied, it means 6-6, they play the Tie Brake where they play to the best of seven, with a difference always of two points.
9-In each of the six games the points obtained are 15-30-40 and point. If they are 40 equal, they must keep playing until two points of difference.
10-If the ball touch one of the lines if the rectangle it is considered insido of the field of play.
11-Before serving, the player who serves must stand with both feet behind the baseline. land SOME VOCABULARY aterrizar to serve sacar let repetir el saque wide ancho bounce botar tie empatar field campo baseline línea base IMPORTANT EXPRESSIONS ABOUT TENNIS Hawk-eye: When they don't know
if the ball touch the line or not. Tie Brake Fault Deuce: the players are 40-40. Love: a score of zero points. All: the players have the same points. Let/Net: the ball touch the net and you have to repeat the serve. PARTS OF THE BODY THAT YOU USE IN TENNIS -Your hands, your arms and
your shoulders. -Your legs, your feet and
your knees. WHERE DO YOU PLAY TENNIS? You play tennis in a court.
There are various types of courts: WHAT DO YOU IMPROVE WHEN YOU PRACTISE
TENNIS? If you perform a hard workout, you can improve: -The endurance.
-The speed.
-The strength. But to obtain this, before you must have a healthy diet, you musn't smoke and you musn't consume alcohol or drugs. SOME EXTRA CURIOSITIES There are lots of tennis tournaments but here are some of the most important: -AUSTRALIAN OPEN: it is the first of the four tournaments of Gran Slam. Celebrated every January ,hard-courts surface, in Melbourne, and it was created in 1905. -ROLAND GARROS: It is the second of the four tournaments of Grand Slam. Celebrated over two weeks between the end of Mat and the beginning of June, in Paris(French). Courts of clay. The male tennis player who has won more times is: Rafa Nadal and the female tennis player is Maria Sharapova. -WIMBLEDON: It is the third of the four tournaments of Grand Slam, in June and July, in Wimbledon(England) since the year 1877and grass courts. Advantage: when they are deuce, and one of them make a point, he will have advantage. -Grass or lawn: Is the original surface of the courts. It is a rapid surface but little used because the maintenance is very complex and costs very much.
-Clay: They are much less expensive and easier to maintain. The material could be red clay or blue clay.
-Hard-court surface: They are the most common in modern tennis. They are the less expensive courts and they are much less affected by bad weather, but here the players have more opportunities of damage. -US OPEN: It is the fourth and final tournament of Grand Slam, between August and September, in five modalities: men's and woman's singles, men's and woman's doubles and mix doubles and originated in 1978 AND FINALLY It's important to remember A very prominent tennis player, John McEnroe. He is considered one of the greatest talents in the history of sport. He finished his career with 77 individual titles and 70 in doubles. He is recognized for his incredible hability, for his matches and for his uncontrollable temperament, which caused lots of problems with his opponents and with the chair judge. IN THE PAST ACTUALLY PROJECT DONE BY:
-Ana Acedo
-Ana Melgar
-Violeta Rodríguez clay arcilla hard-court surface pista de superficie dura
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