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Why I Choose My Lab

No description

Kiara Lopez

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Why I Choose My Lab

Why I Choose My Lab
New Experiences
Tolles technical career center can prepare me for college. With the system they have , it's very different from any normal school. Getting college credit in our labs is very helpful. Teachers treat the students like an adult, adding the uniform policy students has to wear them just like a real job. So that prepares us for the future in our work fields. The experiences that Tolles will provide me with will help me become a young adult and ready for college and my future career, and ill be more certain about what I want to do with my career life. A experience that I wouldn't have gotten at my home school.
Drawing techniques
In my art design lab , there's so much skills that I will learn. For example , different types of shading , texture, computer software programs and more. Hopefully being in this lab it will help me decide if I want to become an Art Director for magazines. Its a busy position but worth it. I would like to learn as much as I can and learn the main skills that I would need to be an Art Director. The one thing I wanna learn is how to draw free hand without looking at something. That's one of my struggles , for me to be able to draw really good , I have to look at another art work and draw it, I could never draw it from my own mind. That's the main reason why I was so interested in my lab. hoping it can help me with that , and also to get more knowledge in graphic design.
Meeting new people
At Tolles I would get the chance to meet all different type of people from different type of schools. I think my lab would help me become more comfortable in talking to large groups of people when presenting my artwork. Gaining confidence in communicating with other people will help me become less shy and it's an important skill that I need for my work field. Getting to know new people is always a great thing , especially when it becomes a friendship. In my lab we are all like family. We become comfortable with each other each time we present any artwork and get feed backs. Working with each other in those long hours giving suggestions and advices becomes trust due to peoples opinion about your own artwork.
Art Design
Art design allows you to gain knowledge about famous Artist and new skills in different types of techniques and details. This lab provides a great opportunity for me to know what career I want. It will allow me to meet new people, have a new experience and learn different drawing techniques throughout my years at Tolles.
Art design gives me the chance to explore different things , to know which career path I would take. Being here would give me a new experience , meet new people and learn many different techniques. Coming to Tolles and taking Art Design will provide and prepare me for my future career goals. And it will also give me an idea in which college I would like to attend.
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