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Navigate for Training Providers

How Navigate supports those working with young people who are not in Education, Employment or Training.

Navigation Learning

on 19 January 2013

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Transcript of Navigate for Training Providers

Instant, clear,
individual and whole group Personal, Social and Employability skills profiles Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Training Training Training Navigate Use personal target setting to maximise engagement? Self Assessment Empowering young people to develop essential personal, social and employability skills! Introducing the Build instant personal profiles and action plans? How can we? social media peer
reference SEO Navigation Learning To the attention of Chris Rowe:
sales@navigationlearning.co.uk Navigate looks really interesting!
Tell me more... Chris,
Rory London, England My Skills... Can't wait to get started! My Strengths:
- Motivation
- Communication
- Assertiveness ...I can use these to help me build on my focus areas... How can we? Quickly identify every young persons personal and social support needs? How can we? Work placement Training Training Training Work placement Work placement English/ Maths English/ Maths English/ Maths JOB INTERVIEW! Guess what... My Focus Areas:
- Time management
- Job searching
- Customer service Time Management Customer service Communication skills Strengths Focus areas A unique, engaging Personal, Social and Employability skills initial assessment... developed especially for young people in the NEET group. Ready made personal targets and interactive learning materials support success and engagement... Learners choose skills development based on their unique starting point... Great return on investment :-
Navigate builds engagement, attendance, retention and success! • Helps learners identify their own barriers to learning and understand what they can do to overcome them Navigate is... "Young people who have fallen
through the net need tailored
support to get back on track.
We can’t treat them like round pegs being forced into square holes''
– Youth Contract 'Disengaged young people often have complex problems that act as a barrier to getting them learning again, which the Government alone can’t deal with.' - Youth Contract OUTCOMES • Comprehensive resources support organisations ability to offer relevant coaching and meaningful personal support • Learners can show progress through participation in a range of activities at various levels • Organisations can track progress and the impact of positive outcomes • Learner centredness will increase motivation and confidence and enhance re-engagement and retention. Learners undertake an enjoyable scenario based assessment which provides... For further information:

www.facebook.com/navigationlearning Across six key personal, social and employability themes... Citizenship Emotion Finance Health Relationships Work Personal budgets Relationship building Motivation Empathy Stress management Paying bills Discussion skills Conflict management Problem
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