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The Bersch Family Tree

The Bersch ancestors of Susan Bersch Eastman

Susan Eastman

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of The Bersch Family Tree

Their mother was Lillian Chapman. She was born 04 December 1906 in Winchester, VA.
My Bersch Family Tree
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
John William Bersch
My Mother:
Peggy Jean Wood
Our parents married on 24 Dec 1960 at the Methodist Church in Amherst Co, VA
Donna Gayle Bersch
was born in 1961. She married David Cash in 1985. She retired from the City of Lynchburg. They have 3 children, Candy, Andy and Anna.
Henry Clay Bersch
was born in 1964.
He works for the City of Lynchburg. He has a great sense of humor and enjoys working on cars.
Rachel Lea Bersch
was born in 1971. She works in retail and is a very talented painter.
My Father:
John William Bersch
My name is Susan Bersch Eastman. I was born in 1969 in Lynchburg, VA. I've been married to Tom Eastman for 25 years and we have one daughter, Bevin, age 19. I have my Associates degree in Accounting. I work as the office administrator for the Commonwealth's Attorney in Amherst County. I enjoy genealogy, photography and scrapbooking.
I have 3 siblings....
Taken at parents home on Thomas Road, Madison Hgts, VA @Age 20
Age 57, with Candy, Andy, Anna and Bevin in Lynchburg, VA at Batteau Festival.
Age 63
Peggy was born 27 February 1940, in Lynchburg, VA. Her parents were Walter Davis Wood and Hattie Pugh Wood.
Age 21
She worked for a garment factory, as a homemaker, as a school cafeteria worker and later as a house cleaner. She was a fine lady who enjoyed flower gardening, cross stitching and spending time with her grandchildren. She died in 2007 of breast cancer and is buried at Briarwood Memorial in Amherst, VA.
Aubrey Lee Bersch, Jr.
Aubrey was born in 1928. He worked for the City of Lynchburg. He also served in the Army. He married Madeline Wood [my Mother's first cousin] in 1951 and had 3 daughters: Lillian (Pee Wee), Deborah and Tammy. He loved to play his guitar & harmonica, go camping and hunting.
Edward Donald Bersch
Their father, Aubrey was born 04 March 1906, probably in Buckingham County. He had one sister, Ruth. He married Lillian on 03 December 1927, in Lynchburg and purchased the farm from his mother and sister in 1928. In 1930 he lived in Buffalo, NY during the depression and worked as a street car machinist to make money since the farm wasn't doing very well. But he soon moved back and went on to grow tobacco, corn and had a successful strawberry patch. He always brought us vegetables from the farm and usually wouldn't come in the house. He always liked to sit on the porch, not in a chair. He was a stern father, but a doting grandfather! He died 17 April 1990, and is buried at Prospect United Methodist Church in Prospect, VA.
Edward was born in 1936. He was a funny, and
kind man. He worked for Chapstick Company. He married Mabel Childress and they had 2 children: William and Tracie. He helped John build several houses.
Carlton Thomas Bersch
was born on Viars Road in Madison Heights, VA, 12 June 1932 in a
small cabin at the end of the road. He would live on the farm on
Izaak Walton Road until he was drafted to the Korean War in 1953
at the age of 21 and served until 1955 when he was honorably discharged as a Corporal. He met Peggy and after about 5 years, they married and went on to have four children. John retired from the City of Lynchburg's water department. He worked on cars, cut wood and enjoyed playing his banjo. He died in 2002 of a heart attack and is buried at Briarwood Memorial in Amherst, VA.
Mary Alice Bersch
Robert Dale Bersch
Carlton was born in 1941.
He married Mary Allen and
they have three daughters,
Teresa, Melissa and Regina. Carlton retired from a parts
distributor-Barker & Jennings. He loves to travel and used to cut trees with
Mary Alice was born in 1944. She is the only girl! She married Danny
Burley in 1968 and they
have one son, Daniel. She is a wonderful gardener and likes to can vegetables.
Mary Alice with her Mom, Lillian
Robert was born in 1946. He's not married and lives on the farm where he raises cattle. He drives a cattle truck for Ed Wright Livestock.
Lillian Frances Chapman
Wilhelmina (Willie) Estep
William Chapman
Taken at the farm, Amherst Co. The Jennings home is behind her.
Aubrey Lee Bersch
Lillian was a wonderful cook. On the farm she had a large wood burning stove and Dad said she made the best bread! She also canned lots of fruits and vegetables. Dad told me he remembered opening her canned peaches in the winter and they were the best! She was a sweet and cheerful woman. She died at Western State Hospital of heart failure 15 August 1973. She is buried at Prospect United Methodist Church in Prospect, VA.
My Great Grandparents [Lillian's Parents]
b. 01 Feb 1868, Clark Co, VA
m. 1898 Winchester, VA
d. 11 Nov 1947, Lynchburg, VA
b. Aug 1869 VA
d. 12 Oct 1933, Staunton, VA
Aubrey, Lillian & Aubrey Jr in Buffalo, NY
Aubrey as an infant @ 1906
Their parents, Aubrey & Lillian, married 3 Dec 1927...
1986 in the kitchen of the farm house.
My Grandfather:
My Grandmother:
Aubrey's Parents...
John William Bersch and Mary Susan Walden
"GARDENIA, Va, Oct 18, 1899.
Editor Herald--Bulah Hill was the scene of a pretty marriage. The contracting parties were Mr. John Bersch, of Buckingham county and Miss Mary S. Walden, daughter of W. T. Walden, of Prince Edward County, Rev. W. C. Foster, pastor of Concord church officiating. The ceremony was unusually pretty. The walls were decorated with evergreens from ceiling to floor. In the center of the room hung a huge marriage bell and the arch which was most tastefully arranged was much admired...The happy pair then left for their future home in Buckingham county, with the best wishes of their many friends."
Historical Notes on Buckingham Co, 1890-1899, By Robert Flippen, Page 194
My Great Grandmother:
Mary Susan Walden
Aubrey's mother, Mary, was born 17 Sept 1874 in Buckingham Co., VA. Her parents were William Thomas Walden and Amanda Cobbs. She was the 2nd of 11 children! She was known by many for her help in delivering babies and even helped deliver my dad, John. After her husband, John William Bersch, died in 1927, she remarried 3 months later to William Viar. Dad was very fond of her and said she was a very kind lady. She died 17 Dec 1955.
She is buried at Prospect United Methodist Church in Prospect, VA.
Her parents were William Joseph Chapman and Wilhelmina (Willie) Estep. Her family moved to Lynchburg, VA between 1910 and 1920. They had 8 children. Her father William, was a grave digger at Spring Hill Cemetery in Lynchburg and died of pneumonia at Western State Hospital. They are both buried at the Presbyterian Cemetery on Grace Street in Lynchburg, VA.
My Great Grandfather:
John William Bersch
Mary with her grandson, John W. Bersch @ 1940
My Great Great Grandparents [Mary's Parents]
Amanda Fitzsalem Cobbs.
b. 15 Sep 1850 Buckingham Co,VA
d. 03 Mar 1927 Campbell Co, VA
Her parents were Albert Cobbs and Leanna Brooks
William Thomas Walden
b. 02 Jan 1842 VA
d. 03 June 1914 Prince Edward Co, VA
His parents were Pleasant Walden and Susan/Mary Saunders
They were married 17 Apr 1872 in Buckingham Co, VA. William served as a private in the 57th VA Infantry during the Civil War and was injured in his hand at Gettysburg, They had 11 children. My cousin, Carrie Bersch Williams, told me she remembered William and that he was a kind man who used to let her comb his beard! He was a farmer, a miller and a blacksmith during his life. They are both buried at Prospect United Methodist Church in Prospect, VA.
Aubrey's father was born 23 Dec 1876 in Buckingham Co, VA. He was a farmer and moved from Buckingham Co to Bedford Co in about 1910 and purchased Hill Crest Farm in Amherst Co,VA in 1913. Five of his grandchildren and great grandchildren still live on the land he purchased. He died 06 April 1927 at home of a heart attack. He was 51 years old. On his WWI draft card it stated that he had a fair complexion and blue eyes. He is buried at Prospect UM Church in Prospect, VA.
Peggy in 2nd grade @ 1948
Peggy holding Susan with John,
Henry and Donna at home on Izaak Walton Road @1969
Peggy at Phelps Rd. Elementary @ 1977
Probably on Madison Street, Lynchburg, VA
On the farm, the wood shed next to the house.
Aubrey as a toddler in @ 1908
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Peggy and John in living room of her parents home on Thomas Road, Madison Hgts, VA @ 1956
John William Bersch's Parents...
Laura, John, James and Benjamin @ 1886
John had five siblings......
John's parents were Laura A. Chenault and James Monroe Bersch. They married about 1875. They had 9 children. John and Benjamin (the two oldest pictured here) married sisters.
maybe Joseph Chapman
My great great grandmother:
Laura A. Chenault
Laura was born 22 March 1849 in Buckingham County, VA. She was one of 11 children born to John Henry Chenault and Sarah Catherine Routon. The Chenault family is traced back to Stephen Chenault (Estienne de Chenau) a French Huguenot who immigrated to Virginia in 1701 and settled in Manakin, VA. Laura died 22 May 1913. She is buried at Prospect United Methodist Church.
My great great grandfather:
James Monroe Bersch
James was born about 1850. His parents Jacob W. Bersch and Sarah W. Hubbard had 10 children. Two of his brothers (Benjamin and John) would serve on the Confederate side of the Civil War. He was a farmer. He and his wife, Laura, lived in Buckingham County, VA. He died in 1898 at the age of only 48. He is buried at Prospect United Methodist Church.
James Bersch's Parents...
James' parents were Jacob (Wilhelm) William Bersch and Sarah W. Hubbard. Jacob was a German immigrant, but Sarah was born in Virginia.They got their marriage bond 20 November 1837 in Prince Edward County, VA. They lived in a part of Prince Edward County that would later become Appomattox County, VA.
My great great great grandfather:
My great great great grandmother:
Sarah W. Hubbard
Jacob Bersch's Parents...
Jacob's parents were Wilhelm and Amelia Bersch.
Wilhelm was born in Marburg, Germany in 1775. He and Amelia lived with Jacob's brother, Christian, in 1850 in Baltimore, MD. They had four sons--Jacob, Johann, Christian and Wilhelm. They immigrated in about 1830. They also had several daughters listed in Marburg's records.
Sarah was born 22 Jan 1812. She and Jacob had 10 children and lived in Prince Edward Co. and Appomattox Co., VA. Her father was Benjamin Hubbard, Jr. Her grandparents were Benjamin Hubbard, Sr. and Martha "Patty" Richards. Benjamin Sr. was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Sarah must have been a wonderful person considering what was written in her obituary in 1899.
relic means widow
Jacob was born 30 Jan 1812. The location
in Marburg, Hesse, Germany. He came to America in about 1830 with his father anndd 3 brothers. He settled in what would become Appomattox County, VA sometime around 1838. He was a cabinet maker. In 1854 he wrote a letter to his brother, Wilhelm, who lived in Indiana. Written in German, it contains wonderful insight into their family.
Jacob W. Bersch
Her mother: Susan
Thank you for viewing my Prezi! I hope that you've enjoyed it and that you've learned some new and interesting things about our Bersch family.

If you have any questions, please email me at susanbee614 at comcast dot net or on facebook at Susan Bersch Eastman.
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