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bomb123 Bomb

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of LANDSLIDE

LANDSLIDES Most landslides take place when part of a mountain breaks away and slides down its slope. Landslides usually happen as a result of gravity. HOW DOES A LANDSLIDE WORK LANDSLIDES DESTRUCTION Landslides could cause some damage to the area around it. it could cause the rivers to change course and cause flooding. Another thing is it could also block sections of the roadway. WHAT COULD CAUSE LANDSLIDES Earthquakes, volicanic eruption, vibrations from machine, blasting, constructing, de-forestation and rain could also cause land slides. WHen the earthquake occur there could be aftershock. There can be fire, chemical spills, landslides, dam breakc and tidal waves. DIFFERENT KINDS OF LANDSLIDES There is debris flow which is ususally quick.
There is debris avalanche which is same as debris flow only faster.
There is mudflow which is when the dirt on a slope gets so saturated.
There is the creep which is a slow, steady downword movement. HOW CAN PEOPLE SURVIVE IT The Geologist could understand the cause of the landslide so they can try to pridict from happening.
If they plant enough trees it could absorb the rain so the rain wil all the underground.
If they put a fence around the bottom all the rocks and mud will be blocked.
If they put a mesh on the surface the rocks and mud wont sliding down.
If they put concrete and some chemicals under the ground it will hardened the ground.
meshaq and jesse aryan is fat PICTURES This happened in Alberta differnt types of landslides It could destory an entire city It can start with a cracks because of tension. HOW DOES A LANDSLIDE AFFECT THE EARTH'S CRUST The landslide could change the earth's crust by the destruction and when it slides off it would change the form of a mountain. Also the landslide could cause a earthquake and the earthquake could also change the form of the crust
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