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Ludlow Massacre

No description

Emma Montgomery

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Ludlow Massacre

Louis Tikas, age: 30 years
James Fyler, age: 43 years
John Bartolotti, age: 45 years
Charlie Costa, age: 31 years
Fedelina Costas, age: 27 years
Onafrio Costa, age: 4 years
Frank Rubino, age: 23 years
Patria Valdez, age: 37 years
Eulala Valdez, age: 8 years
Mary Valdez, age: 7 years
Elvira Valdez, age: 3 months
Joe Petrucci, age: 4 ½ years
Lucy Petrucci, age: 2 ½ years
Frank Petrucci, age: 4 months
William Snyder Jr, age: 11 years
Rodgerlo Pedregone, age: 6 years
Cloriva Pedregone, age: 4 year
Ludlow tent colony in Ludlow, Colorado
April 20, 1914 Ludlow tent colony of 1,200 coal miners on strike Ludlow Militia and Guard vs WHO? violent deaths of 19 people militia fired into striker camp with machine guns miners fought back and fighting lasted 14 hours at night the troops burned the camp wives and children hididng in holes burned and died deadliest incident in Colorado Coal Strike
and deadliest strike in U.S history WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? victims WHY? miners forced to work in horrible conditions very low wages: some got paid just $1.68 a day first strike in 1883 since then, many attempts were made at forming a union Rockefeller was upset with the strikes and demands put armed soldiers and guards in the miner camps AFTERMATH Colorado Coalfield War Colorado strikers destroyed at burned mines at least 50 people killed in fighting president Woodrow Wilson ended fighting with troops fighting lasted 10 days December 10, 1914
strike called off strikers failed to obtain thier demands the union did not get recognition many striking workers replaced over 400 strikers arrested all National Guardsmen aquitted 1918: a memorial built FUN FACT! Singer Woody Guthrie was inspired by the event and wrote a pro-union song depicting the horros of the massacre. THE LUDLOW MASSACRE:1914
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