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Gaston Chevrolet

No description

Gino Alvarez

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Gaston Chevrolet

Double click anywhere & add an idea Gaston was famous for winning a race in his DEATH... Gaston parents moved to france few months before Gaston was born. Gaston Chevrolet Born in October 26, 1892
In the Cote D'or Department of France Only child of three to be born
in France. Both of his parents are from
Gaston's older brother louis had immagrated to Canada in 1900 as a mechanic.
In 1901 louis had moved his company to the U.S.
Gaston immigrated to the U.S. in 1902. to work as a car mechanic for his brother louis. After a few years of working in mechanics, Louis started to race Indy cars.
1916 the Chevy bros designed a racing car for their company. Co-founder of Chevrolet. General Motors liked the Chevrolet designed an offered
them a contract. After a few years of racing Indy cars
Gaston took over his brothers racing career. Gaston didnt have a good reputation in racing.
On Thanksgiving of 1920! Many years after Gaston death Louis died penniless at age 62 in 1941.
An Arthur commited suicide a week before his 62 birthday in 1946. All three brothers are burried in
Holy Cross & Saint Joseph cementary in Indianapolis
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