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Public Perception of Home Schooling

Public perception of home schooling

Ashley Ferrell

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Public Perception of Home Schooling

Public Understanding
& Perception
of Home Schooling
Home Schooling? Focus Group Survey Plan Do you know anyone who is home-schooled? Socialization? Quality Control? To what extent do you believe home schooling is effective and socially accepted?

What is your perception of the quality of education of a home-schooled child compared with a child in public schools?

Quality control is one criticism of home schooling. What do you believe are the positives and negatives of required standardized testing for home-schooled children?

Do you believe students who are home-schooled are adequately socialized and prepared to enter college?

Do you believe students who are home-schooled are adequately socialized and prepared to enter adulthood beyond college?

Home schooling an effective way to educate children.

Home-schooled children should be required to take the same standardized tests as other students.

Students who are home-schooled are adequately prepared to enter college.

Home-schooled children are not as socialized as public schooled children.
When you consider how to educate your child, which of the following factors are most important? (rank-order from 1 to 6)

__ social environment
__ quality of education
__ location
__ testing regulations
__ reputation of teachers

What type of school do you think is the best choice of education for your child?

o public
o private (church based)
o private (non-churched based)
o home-school
o charter

Agree or Disagree More Questions The majority of America's first
citizens were home-schooled.
Robert E. Lee
Alexander Graham Bell
George Washington
Abraham Lincoln Factors contributing to the
rise of home schooling: Racial segregation
How many people home-school today? Homeschoolers, on average, scored
37 percentile points above public
school students on standardized
achievement tests.
There were an estimated 1,700,000 to 2,100,000 children
(grades K-12) home educated during 2002-2003 in the
United States. Imagine what that number is now considering
the growth rate is 7% to 15% per year.
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