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Patricia Staub, 70 years old is the most unselfish person I know, and this is why.

Jessica Miller

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Unselfish

Patricia Staub Patricia Staub gave up alot for her mother, her husband, and her children. She babysat on Friday's
so she could earn money for
the movies, so she wouldn't
have to ask her mom. She had a lot of freedom, being able to walk evrywhere. Her and her friends would go roller skating, dancing, and to the Starlight Theatre. At 15, she had her first love. His name was Edward, but they called him Sonny. "He was the kindest man I've ever dated." At 18 she was married, to Thomas Staub.
She was his pen pal, since she was 13. They wrote for four years before they met when she was 17, and a year later they were married and she was pregnant with her first child. Patricia had six kids. She had five girls and one boy. Since she was a stay at home mom, while her husband was in the Air Force she did not wear makeup or jewelery trying to give her children what they need. Her favorite
memory was of her children at
christmas, she remembered they
always had a good time. She now has a dozen grandchildren,
and spends her time with them as much as she can. She always gives them what they need before she does something for herself.
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