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One Race for Equality

No description

Rebecca Dillingham

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of One Race for Equality

Lets breed
everyone together
to make one race! The World contains many different races and ethnicities. African American
Asian Caucasian American Indian
I propose that everyone breeds together to make one race, so that, there are no more prejudice issues, and no one can be unique or better than any other person
Everywhere around the world, racism is a major issue. People are prejudice to others of a different color and race than they are. I have decided upon a proposal that will end all racism and prevent anyone from being unique!
Without races or ethnicities,
there will be equality! No one will be different! No heritage to be proud of! Nothing to make you different from anyone else! You cant make fun of anyone for their skin color!
because we will all have the same rainbow skin tone. one race is the WAY TO GO :)
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