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Huckleberry Finn Chapter 25

No description

Angela Stuckey

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 25

When Huck arrives in the town the duke and the dauphin convince all of the people that they are Wilks sons and have come from England.
The two go to the house and meet their "sister" and see their dead "Dad". Most of the town crowds around as the duke and the dauphin cry and mourn their "dead father".
Main Events

The dauphin gets up in front of all of the town and makes up an over exaggerated speech about how upset he is over the death of his "Dad".
He meets many of the towns people and they tell him stories of Mr. Wilks
The duke and the dauphin take huck into the houses cellar to get $3,000 that Mr. Wilks left in inheritance, but realize that $415 is missing.
Main Events cont.
After the dauphin is walking through town and an old friend of Peter Wilks approaches them and calls them out for being an imposter.
Mary Jane, Mr. Wilks daughter, doesn't believe the doctor and gives all of the money ($6,000) to the dauphin and wants him to do whatever he wants with the money.
Main events cont.
The duke and the dauphin go and see Peter Wilks as the entire town watches them.

"Well, when it came to that, it worked the crowd like you never see anything like it, so everyone went to sobbing right out loud... I never see anything so disgusting"(165).

As the duke and the dauphin get deeper into their lie they pretend to cry. Their fake feelings are so overexadurated showing how absurd there scheme really is. Huck is repulsed by them and feels as though they are degrading society.

Quotation #1
The duke and the dauphin are passing through town meeting people who were friends with Peter Wilks.

"...and said 'Goo-goo-goo-goo-goo' all the time, like a baby that can't talk"(167).

When Huck is dragged along with the dauphin and the duke he fees as though all of the "goo goo gaa gaa" or small talk is making the situation worse. The con men are deliberately lying to innocent people to steal their money, and when they go through the town and pretend to care about all the stories people are telling them, Huck feels as though the duke and the dauphin are purposly being sly and rude just for their enjoyment.
Quotation #2
On of Peter Wilks old friends, doctor Robinson, calls out the dauphin as a fraud. The daughter and towns people are too naive to believe the doctor so Mary Jane gives all of her money to the dauphin.

"'Now listen, turn this pitiful rat out- I beg you to do it.' Mary Jane straigtned herself up... she hove up the bag of $ and put it in the kings hands and says, 'Take this $6,000 and invest it anyway you want it'..."(171).

When Dauphin is called out on being a fake in front of the whole town, that is beyond the daughters belief. This quote is significant because when she gives the dauphin all of the money, Huck is able to show his intelligence, and enhance the readers views on the girls "stupidity" and how corrupt and stereotypical society is.
Quotation #3
Throughout chapter 25 we get an up close view of Huckleberry Finns character development. In this chapter different characters are making up ludicrous lies just to make money. Even though Huck goes along with all of the schemes, he is disgusted with how everyone is acting. He compares their selfish actions with the common white person in society during the 1830s and 40s. People like the dauphin and duke are why there are major moral atrocities at this time in the United States. Even though Huck allows for these schemes to go on, he is slowly understanding how awful they really are.
Character: Huck
Literary device: Oxymoron
Huckleberry Finn Chapter 25
The theme is the price of relying on what is believed to be logically just, verses what is morally right.
In Chapter 25, the duke and the dauphin scam all of the town for money when a sincere genuine man passes away. Huck is conflicted because these men are his companions and he knows that there actions just resemble their personalities. On the other hand, stealing money from people is wrong and huck unserstands how so many people get away with unjust actions just because they are white males. This is wrong and throughout the novel we watch as Huck comprehends these beliefs and realizes the corruptions of society.
Angela Stuckey
Rhyan Theus
Chie Mitsui
Period 2
December 9, 2014

"Jane was readheaded, but that don't make no difference, she was most awful beautiful, her face and her eyes was all lit up like glory..."(165).
Huck's description of Jane as "most awful beautiful" as an oxymoron that describes her physical appearance, but her personality as well. She is a very sweet girl, and Mark Twains uses vocabulary to describe her innocence and how the duke and dauphin corrupt it by stealing all her inheritance.
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