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Copy of Lindt - Lindor Chocolate

No description

Molly Howe

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Lindt - Lindor Chocolate

Lindt - Lindor Chocolate
Market Segmentation - Geographic
This particular product was bought in an airport which suggests Lindt make their assorted chocolate available worldwide.
large segment of market, all segments are buying into products (over 18s and under 18s)
"Master Chocolatier since 1845"

The product
This is one of many products from the Lindt Lindor chocolate range. Inside you'll find a variety of 4 Lindor truffles.
How much?
€11 (or £9)
With 6 production sites in Europe, 2 in the USA and distribution centres on 4 continents, Lindt can be bought in almost any supermarket and airport around the world!
TV Promotion
Lindt chocolate is a market leading, luxury product. This is implied by:
Where does Lindt Chocolate fit in the market?
Rich colours used on product's packaging
Italic and embellished font
Quality materials used to protect product i.e. tin and plastic
Chocolates are individually wrapped to allow consumer to use all senses
Photo of 'chocolatier' on back of packaging to show the care and attention that goes into making the chocolate
Lindt's worldwide segmentation is also implied by their use of several language translations of their product descriptions and ingredients on their packaging.

Languages used include English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish

Lindt tries to target more than one segment in the demographic market using different products.
Demographic Segmentation
Lindt chocolate rabbits & reindeers to target those under 18
Lindt chocolate bars to target adults over 18 who are buying to treat themselves
Lindt also offer 'selection box' chocolate to cater for the 'gift market' i.e. chocolate for special occasions
Demographic Segmentation continued..
Lindt tries to predominantly target women by:
Using an italic, feminine font
Placing a floral design on the packaging
Using a sensual voice in TV advert (as seen earlier)
Lindt targets those who have a low income in the 'gift market' as the assorted chocolates are affordable if bought as a gift at christmas etc BUT ..
For everyday life,Lindt are targeting those with a high disposable income as not everyone could afford this product regularly
Psychographic Segmentation
who enjoy luxury and gluteny
who have a sociable lifestyle
who want to portray an 'ideal self' when giving a gift
This product is targeted at those:
with a lower-middle social class
Behavioural Segmentation
Lindt targets customers who are attracted to indulgence and luxury by the rich colours of the product.
Thin, foil packaging
Cheap price - connotes low quality
low cocoa
Sold in 'cheaper' retailers like Aldi and corner shops
Cheap price to target those with low disposible income
How Lindt reach their market
TV adverts
Product Placements
(luxury isle/gift isle)
Social media
Promotional offers
Seasonal Packaging
i.e. reindeers, easter bunnies
Duty free in airports
Have they achieved targeting their desired market?
Products are available almost everywhere, supermarkets and airports worldwide. Customers also accessed through tv and internet (most people have access)
Lindt is a large company, has a wide range of products available wordwide, shows Lindt are profitable
Measurable -
Substantial -
Accessible -
Differentiable -
Various products for various occasions to suit consumers with both low and high incomes
Actionable -
Lindt has attracted customers into buying into the brand successfully through TV adverts, magazines etc
Katie Grisdale, Molly Howe, Amy Waite, Sidrah Ahmed & Hussan Shah
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