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TPCASTT Legal Alien by Pat Mora

No description

Daisy Gonzalez

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of TPCASTT Legal Alien by Pat Mora

Legal Alien by Pat Mora
TPCASTT - Poetry Analysis
I predict the poem is about someone who is does not fit in.
Title - Revisited
The poem is talking about the benefits of being bilingual and the positives of being able to participate equally in between two different worlds.

The speaker is talking about the disadvantages of being bilingual and living in two different worlds

It also refers to not being part of any one particular place and about how the speaker pretends to be happy and gives up on being welcomed.
"A handy token sliding back and forth"- the speaker was viewed more as an object than a person and is only used when the speaker is needed
People who are part of two cultures end up feeling alienated by both.

Differences do not make you inferior simply unique.
The speakers tone is defeated. S/He has given up hope of fixing the situation. The speaker does not seem sad about it. However, the speaker isn't glad either, simply defeated.
Author's Bio
Born and raised in the border town of El Paso
Spent her life observing the interaction between Mexican and Anglo cultures
Never denied the painful side of bicultural existence
Mora finds differences between people less important than the things all cultures share
The major shift is seen from begining to end.
Begining: she has a positive outlook on being bi-cultural
End: she has a negative outlook on being bi-cultural
Was your predition accurate? What new insights did you gain?

Sound Device: Cacophony
"You may speak Spanish but you're not like me"
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