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Runner by Carl Deuker

No description

Kobe Wycklendt

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Runner by Carl Deuker

Runner By Carl Deuker Exposition The main character, and protagonist
is Chance, a 17 year old boy. Other
characters include his dad,Melissa,
and the Fat Guy who is also the
antagonist. Chance lives in Seattle,
Washington, on a boat in the harbor. Rising Action Chance is offered a job transporting unknown packages onto the dock for $200 a week. He has to decide if he wants to quit his job washing dishes for this well paying but suspicious job. He decides to take the job and soon realizes that
he is involved in smuggling drugs. A girl from Chances school becomes suspicious. She decides she is going to figure out what he is up to. New packages containing something different start to arrive. These are even more suspicious and Chance wants to know what they are. Melissa has been spying on Chance and learns that
he is smuggling drugs. She threatens to report him
to the police but she learns that he needs the money
to support his family. After some research Chance believes that the new packages contain plastic explosives and he is smuggling them to terrorists who plan to blow up something in Seattle. Coincidentally, the same day police are asking to search
everybody's boat for anything illegal and Chance
believes they are on to him. It turns out new regulations
went into effect but something bad is still about
to happen. Climax Chance knows that the packages are explosives and comes home from school early so he and his dad can open one. His dad sends him to get the police but the terrorists are watching him and think that he is running away with the explosives. While Chance is gone the terrorists take over the boat with his dad still on it. Falling Action Chance goes to get help so the terrorists do not
sail the boat into a large area and blow it up. The
police shut down all the roads and basically paralyze
the city. They send police to look for suspicious
activity and send helicopters to look for any boats
looking suspicious. Chance is required to store these new packages on
his boat which is a lot more risky if anybody
searches it. Resolution Chances dad stops the terrorists from sailing
the boat into any important areas but puts his
own life at risk doing so and ends up dying to
save many more people.
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