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Visible Thinking

Mount Vernon Professional Learning November 9, 2012

Shelley Clifford

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Visible Thinking

STJW*Explanation Game*Circle of Viewponts*CSQ Visible Thinking 1. Observing and Describing
2. Explaining and Interpreting
3.Reasoning with Evidence
4. Making Connections
5. Considering Viewpoints
6. Forming Conclusions
7. Wondering & Asking Questions
8. Uncovering Complexities Bloom's Puzzle Teachers' Delivery
of Information Students...
Explore Build Student Understanding Why do we make thinking visible?
Students need to see how others plan, monitor, and challenge ideas. Students need to see that all learners make mistakes.
Students need to reflect on their ideas and the ideas of others. Start with Questions
Stop with Questions
Answer Questions with Questions
End with Questions:
What makes you say that?
Can you say what you are thinking in a different way?
What are you basing that on?
What do you see? How do you see it? Thinking Routines are: procedure, process, or pattern of action used repeatedly to accomplish the goal of thinking
are: part of the fabric of your classroom used repeatidly
are not: single activities
are: designed to uncover student thinking
are not: designed to elicit specific answer Introducing and Exploring Ideas:
Zoom In
Chalk Talk
3*2*1 Bridge
Compass Points
The Explanation Game Synthesizing and Organizing Ideas:
Concept Maps
Micro Lab Protocol
I used to think... now I think... Thinking Routines Digging Deeper:
What makes you say that?
Circle of Viewpoints
Step Inside
Red Light, Yellow Light
Claim, Support, Question
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