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Flavored Braces

No description

Subhangi Misra

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Flavored Braces

Target Market
The target market that i chose for my product are 8-35 year old. I chose this age group because people that have braces like to keep there mouth clean and fresh and this product will help them do that. Also because some kids like there braces to be colour full, so this product might give them a chance to do that.
By,Subhangi Misra
How it will work
The rubber bands which cover the arch wire will come in different flavors.
In every 1 or 2 months when you change your rubber bands you can change there flavor.
The brackets are also flavored so when u get food stuck in them they will help get rid of the taste.
A little bit about Flavored Braces
Flavored Braces, are braces which are flavored, and get rid of the flavor of food that is stuck in your braces.
Flavored Braces
The brackets are going to be flavored, which will help in keep the braces from tasting bad!
To increase the sales of a product/service
To increase consumer awareness of the value of the product/service in anticipation of future sales
And to help make peoples life's easier if they have braces.
help to grow there self- esteem
These rubber bands are going to be flavored, which are going to help keep your mouth fresh!
Apples/ strawberry
Bubble gum
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