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CS632 Modular Data Center

No description

Sama Al-Obaidy

on 22 June 2013

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Transcript of CS632 Modular Data Center

Project Overview
SW’s New Data Center Purchase & Installation
Final Project Presentation - CS 632
Ana Montoya
Brad Wilding
Emile Gihana
Sama Al-Obaidy
Scope Statement
[WBS, Milestones, Cost & Resources]
Risk Analysis
HR & Communications
Quality Management
Lessons Learned
Cost Estimations
Methods used to estimate cost
Analogous Estimate
Cost: $738,640
Parametric Method
Effort: 2,159 hours
Cost: $725,497
Three-point Method
Effort: 739.38 days
Cost: $752,327.75
WBS Method
Work: 5,323.5 hrs
Duration: 156.6 days
Cost: $735,324
--> method chosen
<--Ref. Requirements
<--Ref. Project Overview
<--Ref. Risk Analysis
<--Ref. Requirements
<--Ref. WBS
$ 10,000
$ 40,000
Limits & Exclusions:
•Physical space available to host the data center - factor in vendor selection

•Company can’t be down during normal business hours; final switch on weekend

•The supporting infrastructure of SW Enterprises
•Cable rerouting limited to 10 Gb/s from each building switch to the new modular data center

•Data migration is out of the scope of this project.
•Main switch per building on the company’s campus tied into the data center with 10 Gb/s fiber

•SW Enterprises’ data center site has supporting infrastructure required
Budget: $750,000
Budget Breakdown:
Modular Data Center Research -
Modular Data Center Purchase -
Cable Rerouting -
Final Connection and Setup -
Acceptance Criteria
•Immediate energy savings of more
than 85%
•Minimal downtime
•PUE < 1.5
•Completion of project for < $750,000
•Completed in 7 months

Project Justification
Current energy cost for cooling and power consumption > hundreds of thousands per year
New capability and new High Performance Computing Centers are being purchased for SW’s future growth and expansion
This project will:
reduce energy consumption by 85%
drop Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) from 5.3 to less than 1.12
Current data center costs for electricity and cooling average $25,000 a month
The total savings to the company from this project will be over 50%.
Physical space may not be enough or may not have the necessary distribution to host the modular data center.

Modules are prefabricated so there is a risk of having to give up on specific configurations or settings that might not be available with the modular data center.

High dependence on the vendor; rely on them for support and maintenance.

Compatibility issues between the existing equipment/applications and the new modular data center

Security risks are always present when there is data related
1. Low PUE and energy savings
2. Server Space
3. Quick delivery and setup
4. Ease of day-to-day operations
5. Remote access to manage modular data center
6. Battery backup and generator power
7. 10 Gigabit per second backbone speed
8. Strict access to modular data center will be maintained (physical access)

9. Requires strong credentials for login to the server (login access)
10. Confidential SW Enterprise data is encrypted
11. Maintaining capacity, cooling and power
12. Employees have fast access to the system at all times
13. Modular data center design allows for an increase in servers and racks
What worked?
Set goal for following meeting and prepare for it,
Google Hangouts, external emails
What didn't work?
Google Drive, internal emails
What worked?
Break each task into sub-tasks and review daily
What didn't work?
Many deliverables each week
(individual vs group); personal commitments
What worked?

Utilize each others strengths when dividing tasks
(example: website, presentation, etc.)
Each have a different line of work / expertise
What worked?
Similar to a real-life project in terms of research
What didn't work?
No experience with topic (data centers)

Milestone List
Milestone 1 - Scope & WBS etc.
- 6/3/2013 - Type (Internal, Flexible)
Milestone 2 - Cost Estimates & Quotes
- 6/19/2013 - Type (Internal, Flexible)
Milestone 3 - Vendors Selected
- 7/1/2013 - Type (Internal, Mandatory)
Milestone 4 - Modular data center purchased
- 7/2/2013 - Type (Internal, Mandatory)
Milestone 5 - Cable rerouting complete
- 11/18/2013 - Type (Internal, Mandatory)
Milestone 6 - Data center delivered & installed
- 11/27/2013 - Type (Internal, Mandatory)
Milestone 7 - Testing and switch over complete
- 12/17/2013 - Type (Internal, Mandatory)
Q & A
Benefits to business
Energy & Cost Savings
Scalability, Agility & Growth
Availability & Performance
PR Campaign: Green Initiative
Security & Disaster Recovery
Florida, USA
New York, USA
Québec, Canada
Kigali, Rwanda
Thank you for joining us!
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