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Open Evening Presentation 2013

No description

Laura Hooper

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Open Evening Presentation 2013

The Petchey Academy
inspiring and supporting every child
Questions you might want answered
Will my child be happy and fulfilled here?
Will my child be safe and supported here?
Will my child achieve his or her potential?
How will I know how my child is doing?
What makes us special?
What if I don’t want my child to be a doctor?
Will my child get a place?
How can I really tell what this academy is like?
Will my child be happy and fulfilled?
A climate of involvement and participation fostered and supported by Jack Petchey

Will my child be safe & supported?
Will my child achieve his/her potential?
What makes us special?
“ambition, drive, energy and determination abound at all levels.”
Olivia Cole - Principal
Sonia Sinclair - Vice Principal
Jo Rainey - Vice Principal

“This is a good school with a good University Gateway (sixth form). There is a lot to be proud of for staff and students alike. Strong, unique features exist in the academy’s ethos and the curriculum.”
Student Leadership
Student Principal

Communications Manager
How your child can join us
Applications to The Learning Trust
Complete all 6 choices
Who to put first?
Four bands
Sibling policy
Allocations in March
Transition days in July
Waiting list

What is it really like at Petchey?
Website: www.petcheyacademy.org.uk
Email: mail@petcheyacademy.org.uk
Telephone 0207 275 1500
Twitter: @PetcheyAcademy

Healthy balance between high academic success and a caring and supportive environment
House system:
Student Council
Tutors (HLCs)
Parent Portal allows interactivity
Remember: it's a three-way commitment
High aspirations for every child




L3 L5 C or above
L4 L5 B or above
L5 L6 A or A*
75% A*-C grades
Our personalised learning strategy supports every student to be the best they can be
Our specialism makes us truly unique
Partnerships provide extensive opportunities
Nationally acclaimed family service

James Kinch
Mahalia Changlee
Welcome to

How learning is organised

KS5: University Gateway
Learning Powers
Behaviour for Learning
GCSE Results
80% of our girls gained 5 A*-C grades (including English and Maths)
67% 5 x A*- C, including English and Maths

94% of our students gained at least 5 GCSEs
A quarter of students achieved at least 3 A*-A grades
11 students gained at least 7 A-A* grades
94.2% students passed a minimum of three subjects
100% students received offers from their 1st or 2nd choice university
Our first alumna offered a place at Oxford
35% of students have accepted places to study subjects in line with our specialism
We are very proud of our students' results in this year's GCSE & A Levels
A Level Results
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