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Timeline of Henry Ford

No description

Kyle Young

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Timeline of Henry Ford

The Timeline of Henry Ford
And The Timeline of The World At the Time
April 19, 1882: Charles
Darwin dies at age 73
1896: First Modern
Olympic games is
1906: The Dreadnaught
is launched
1911: The Chinese Revolution
1912: The Titanic sinks
1914: WWI Begins
1922: Insulin discovered
1936: Nazi Olympics in Berlin
1939: WWII Begins
1944: D-Day occurs
July 30, 1863: Henry
Ford is born
April 7, 1947: Henry
Ford dies from
Cerebral Hemorrhage
June 16, 1903: Ford Motor
company is founded
April 11, 1888: Clara
marries Henry Ford
October 1, 1908
Model T introduced
October 7, 1913: First moving
automobile assembly line
Dec. 2, 1927: New
Model A introduced.
August 1941:
Henry suffers a
second stroke
January 15, 1925:
Ford Airport Opens
June 20, 1941: Henry
signs a contract with
the UAW
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