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Arranged Marriage

No description

Rae Thomas

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Arranged Marriage

By: Rae Thomas and Makenna May
Mrs.Mathis 2nd Period Arranged Marriages Definition of Arranged Marriage Historical Background A story about an arranged marriage Arranged Marriage Statistics Data Topic related to Romeo & Juliet Present day of Arranged Marriage
Average number of years older the male is from the female in an arrange marriage is about 4.5 years
Percent of marriages in India that are arranged 90 %
Percent of marriages in the world that are arranged 55 %
Percent of girls who were forced to marry before a certain age:
South Asia before age 18 is 48 %
Bangladesh before age 15 is 27.3 %
Africa before age 18 is 42 %
Niger before age 15 is 26 % A Muslim mother outraged when her youngest daughter Nalia Asfar, who is 25 broke off her arranged married and secretly married another man, her lover Asfar Saddiq. The mother Shamin Akhtar talked to her close relatives, Shamin's husband Mohammed Khan and her sister Samia Mahmood to kidnap her daughter, because she refuses to marry her first cousin. Arranged Marriage- is a marriage arranged by someone other than the couple getting wed. (also called prearranged marriage) What do you think about arranged marriage? Like Dislike or Arranged marriages, historically dates back as far as the institute of marriage itself. Marriage was commonly about getting the family social gain, money or it could even have to do with your age. It was unusual at a young age not to be married. Romeo and Juliet > Arranged marriages.
This topic relates to the book Romeo and Juliet because Juliet was being forced to marry Paris against her will. This ensued conflict with both familys and led to multiple deaths. Most arranged marriages are in eastern part of the world like India, Pakistani, and South Asia Indian Arranged Marriage For the eastern part of the world people are mostly forced to marry someone. In the western part of the world people usually choose their own husband/wife like in America. When we are trying to find somebody to marry or date,we find traits that we like in them like,physical attractiveness, social grace and charm are desirable on a date. This is not the way for all cultures living in western society. Arranged marriages still happen. Worldwide, every 3 seconds a girl under the age of 18 gets married. 90% of it happens in India. Many argue that arranged marriage is an effective way for young people to find a partner. Others say that its not good for their physical and emotional health to get married under 18.
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