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Chapter 2: Personal Responsibility Part I

No description

Jennifer Lau

on 7 September 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 2: Personal Responsibility Part I

Which are you???
Chapter Two:
Accepting Personal Responsibility

Focus Question
What is self-responsibility?

Why is it the key to gaining maximum control over the outcomes and experiences of your life?
Which person in the case study do you think is most responsible for Kim's failing grade in Psychology 101? Why?

What choice(s) did Kim make that sabotaged her success in Psychology 101? What other choice(s) could she have made?
Case Study in Critical Thinking
The Late Paper pg30
How do these videos demonstrate the thoughts
and behaviors of Creators and Victims?

How do Victims typically respond to life?
How do Creators?

Can some people act as the victim in one
situation and a creator in another?

Can you think of an example when you responded
as a Victim? Creator?

What is the life lesson here?
Victim's Language
Changing Victim Language
Victim's Results
Blame self or others
Make excuses
Waste time and energy
Seldom achieve desired outcomes
& experiences

If I weren’t so stupid, I wouldn’t have to
take this dumb class again.
(Blame self)

I would make the team if the
coach was fair.
(Blame others)

My teacher won’t accept my paper late.
I never get a break from anybody.

I didn’t have enough time to do
the assignment.
Victim Language
All of these statements are about blaming, complaining and making excuses.

None is about taking ownership or action!
Changing Victim Language
Changing Victim Language
If I weren’t so stupid, I wouldn’t have to take this dumb class again.
I know I didn’t spend nearly enough time studying last semester. I’m going to study this subject from 3:30 to 4:30 every day. I’ll also go to the tutoring center for an hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Creator Translation:
I would make the team if the coach was fair.
I’m going to increase my strength, speed and skills so I can earn a position on the team.
Creator Translation:
Choose words that support your success:
Change Victim language into Creator language

By taking ownership and action, Creators escape the negative trap of Victim thinking and move closer to creating their desired outcomes and experiences. They get On Course!
From Victim to Creator
Now you try!
Victims vs Creators
Please review the Case Study: The Late Paper (pg40)
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