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Energy flow in an Ecosystem

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lu grossi

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Energy flow in an Ecosystem

An ecological pyramids shows the of affects energy loss at each level in a food chain. Ecologist use ecological pyramids to show energy loss in a visual way. Each level in the pyramid represents our level in the food chain or a food web. One way the ecologist measure the amount of energy at the first level is by comparing the total of all organism at each level. They use by video and picture. When you move higher in the food web there will be less mass and less energy. Also the levels in the energy pyramid gets smaller.
Producers and Consumers
maintain stable populations in an Ecosystem, there must be a large number of producers to provide enough food energy for primary, secondary and tertiary consumers. The wider the base of the pyramid the more consumers can live in the ecosystem
Changes to the number of organism at any level in the pyramid will affect the number of organism at other levels.
Pyramids of Numbers
Energy flow in an Ecosystem

Energy Use within an Organism
An organism uses energy when it makes its own food or eats a plant or animal. Some of the energy fuels the organism's normal life functions and is used up and released as heat. Some of the energy is stored in the organism for its health.Lastly some of the energy is not use
Food chain and food web show how energy moves from one organism to another. Different types of organism uses different amounts of energy. The energy has different amounts because, the different types of organisms use it differently. For example, we eat more food when we have been very active because we need energy. Mainly you can tell that energy comes from the food.
In healthy ecosystem there are usually more producers than consumers. The producers form a broad base, while the number of consumers at each level above gets smaller each time.

Each level of consumers above the producers has fewer individuals because there is less energy available.

For example, in a lake ecosystem, hundreds of tadpoles need to eat thousands of duckweed plants to get enough energy to survive and grow.

Energy flow in an ecosystem
Energy flow through an Ecosystem in one direction which is from the sun . It goes through photosynthesis organism by energy and carbon coming to the ecosystem. They are incorporated into living tissue, transferred to other organisms that feed on the living and dead plant matter, and eventually released through respiration [ Example: It comes from green plants, algae, herbivores, carnivores and decomposers. Green plants and algae are called autotrophs or producers. [ they capture solar energy to make sugar which is also called photosynthesis ]
a pyramid of numbers for a grassland food web
by: Ola, Rosezielle, Trixie, Justin, and Cameron
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