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warsaw ghetto

No description

susan daniel

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of warsaw ghetto

The warsaw ghetto was the jewish resistance that arose within the warsaw ghetto in german occupied poland during ww II, which opposed the nazi army WHO: when: Beginning was
on April 19 1943 The End was
May 16 1943 Who does it involve: Mordechai Anielewicz was
the jewish commander for
Z.O.B (Zydowska Organiacja Bojowa)
Or the Jewish Combat Organization WHERE: RELATES TO : The Warsaw Ghetto can relate to
the japanese American interment camps.
The americans sent the japanese in camps
after they bombed Pearl Harbor.They both
relate by sending a ethnic group to live and stay
in the camps provided. The Soviet Army also
joined. The ss police
and the Nazi army
were the main force The Jewish Resistance ;
were a group of peoplw who
willingly fight against the
Nazi. The location of the Warsaw
Ghetto was at Warsaw,Poland WHY: Because One jewish
offcial deny hitler's request
and was thrown in jail.
his time in there was
to plot his evil plan. The results were that the
ss police burn the building
to the ground to force the resisting
JEWS to come out and surrender Results:
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