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Michele Ramsey

on 27 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

School Year 2013-14
*Support our Vision: Growing Strong Minds, Strong Bodies, Caring Hearts (Domain 2a & b).
*Within our vision, and the culture of Ridge, is a strong thread of supporting the development of the whole child. We value being healthy, active, wise and kind. We are respectful, responsible and kind. We need to model that each and every day; in each and every interaction we have with students, families, visitors and each other. We are a team and through collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking (21st Century Skills) we will have a supportive, rewarding experience at Ridge and a culture and climate we can be proud of.
*Teams update their Facebook page twice a month at a minimum (Brigid will support you if needed) (Domain 4c).
*If you need something, anything, let me know. My door is always open. I want to support you as best I can.
*Post your class mission, vision, goals, etc
Common Core, Common Core, Common Core,
Need I say more?
Working together we will have a great year! Thanks!
What & Why
Make sure your students know what they should be learning and why.
Wonders, Everyday Math, Cool Tools, etc
There are lots of tools (resources) available for you to use to help your students learn and be prepared to be successful in life
Live it, Breathe it, Know it
Even the Appendices

(Domain 2a and Domain 4f).
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