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Disney World Cell Analogy- By: Nicole DeHaven

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Nicole DeHaven

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Disney World Cell Analogy- By: Nicole DeHaven

Disney World Cell Analogy- By: Nicole DeHaven
Rough ER
Rough ER is studded with ribosomes, which means that rough ER is studded with proteins. In Disney the rough ER represents the restaurants that sell steak and meats that are filled with proteins.

Golgi Apparatus

The Golgi Apparatus processes, packages, and secretes modified cell products. This represents the ticket line in Disney because it is where you can go to get wrist bands and the wrist band "packages" all of the tickets into a band just like the Golgi Apparatus packages modified cell products.
In a plant cell the nucleus controls the structure and function of all cells. Disney is all about the dreams. Disneys quote is "Where dreams come true". Dream represent the nucleus because they are the "Backbone" of Disney and they create the structure of all of Disney.
The nucleolus produces subunits of ribosomes. In Disney the nucleolus represents the Mickey Mouse because the ribosomes are Walt Disney his subunits will be Mickey Mouse. This is because Walt is known for creating Mickey Mouse.
Smooth ER
In a plant mitochondria is an organelle that carries out cellular respiration, producing ATP molecules and produces energy. So the Mitochondria represents all of the characters because they are full of energy and they also make all of the little kids become very excited and energetic.
Nuclear Envelope
The nuclear envelope is double membrane with nuclear pores that enclose the nucleus. The nuclear envelope represents the gates because they enclose the park just like the nuclear envelope encloses the nucleus.
Ribosomes build protein. They build one amino acid and connect it with others to create long chains of amino acids. Walt Disney represents ribosomes because he was the creator/builder of all of Disney and ribosomes build proteins.
Chloroplast is where photosynthesis takes place in a plant cell. This is how a plant gets its food and energy. In Disney the start button to rides represents the chloroplast because that is how the rides get started and get energy to keep moving.
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane protects the cells from its outside surroundings. In Disney the security guards represent the cell membrane because they protect use from getting hurt.
Cell Wall
The cell wall maintains the shape and the rigidity of the cell. In Disney the cell wall represents the castle because the whole park is circling the castle and it maintains were each part the park is located, so it shapes all of the Magic Kingdom.
The vacuoles function in storage and contain a variety of substances. Disney needs many closet for storage to keep the place clean and tidy. So the vacuoles represent the storage closets in Disney.
Lysosomes are vesicles that digests macromolecules and even cell parts. A lysosome represents the stomachs of all the hungry Disney customers that are buying food.
The smooth ER lacks ribosomes, which means they don't have proteins and they are filled with lipids. The smooth ER represents the food carts that sell ice cream Mickey bars and Mickey pretzels, because they are filled with lipids just like smooth ER is.
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