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The Ten Commandments: Value Statements

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Sarah Chiu

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of The Ten Commandments: Value Statements

Why this illustration? I chose this illustration because the picture itself represents that it is not only humans that can be killed but objects. For example, by littering we are causing harm to the environment which can potentially kill out ecosystem. In addition, the writing on the picture tells that no one or nothing should be killed for any reason. What dies, should die a natural death because that is what God has planned. This commandment is important because it teaches us to respect everything around us, because everything is part of Gods creations. We must respect his creation and also not do harm to anyone or anything. The world needs to follow this because, even in society today, there are many people killing others. Some that are even innocent, but if people follow this commandment, there will only be natural deaths, rather than murders. Why is this commandment important?
Why does the world need to follow it? The Ten Commandments:
Value Statements 1) You shall not kill.
2) You shall not commit adultery.

By Sarah Chiu The value of this statement is to not do harm to others. Everyone and everything is part of Gods creation, and by killing it we are killing something precious to God. You shall not kill. Why is this a challenge? This commandment is a challenge because not every killing can be seen as a murder, but it can also been seen as an accident. Therefore, it may not be planned or intended to kill someone. For instance, being in a fatal car accident, they did not choose to kill the others, even though they acted recklessly, they didn't purposely kill another. So even if there are those who follow this commandment, there may be times when killing another is inevitable. You shall not commit adultery. The value of this statement is to stay loyal to your spouse and do no wrong by them by betraying them and being with someone else. For example, when a couple gets married in a church, they swear to each other "Till death do us part" and by this, they swear to one another to be together until the end. However, by committing adultery, we are not only sinning but we are going back on a promise made, not only to our spouses, but to God. Why this illustration? I chose this illustration because it shows the result of committing adultery. Hearts are broken when spouses cheat. & No good comes from committing this - marriages are torn apart, and we are also distancing ourselves from God because we go against one of his commandments. Why is this commandment important for today's world?
Why does our world need to follow this commandment more? Why is this commandment a challenge? This commandment is a challenge because in society today, people are easily provoked. The temptation to be with another being other than their spouse is greater and some may not have the self control that others do. Some believe that it is the easy way out, rather than going through the process of divorce, or they are just cowards to admit their wrong doings. THE END This commandment is important for today's world because by staying loyal to our spouses, we reduce the amount of divorces. By staying faithful to one another, marriages are easier, happier, and will definetly last longer. Our world needs to follow this commandment more because it allows us to show God that we are able to commit to something/someone and not do wrong by them. In addition, by not following this commandment we go against Him, and it is as though we are cheating God too.
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