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All About Barsana

No description

Barsana Thakorbhai

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of All About Barsana

I am...... Barsana This prezi video will be about me I play soccer and i have been playing soccer since i was 5 years old. For my free time i like to go shopping, hang out with friends, play soccer, and sleep. I like all the colors but my favorite is blue. My favorite type of music to listen to is rap and hip hop. I have a brother that is six and he is very annoying he gets on my nerves! You don't even understand how much he annoys me it's just crazy! I am new to prezi and this is my first prezi video When I am done with highschool I want to go to a good college and then get my career. hopefully by then i will know what I want to do as my career. My favorite animal is a monkey. In my opinion I think they are so cute and small. I went to Luella Elementary for my school and i look forward to going in high school and collage i'm in middle school right now. The things I don't like are...
1 My brother
2 Country music
3 Social Studies
4 Science
5 People that lie or steal I am 11 years old and my birthday is December 5th The things I like are....
1 The mall
2 My friends
3 Soccer
4 School
5 Swimming My favorite subject is math because I think it's easy
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