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No description

Keneane Belay

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Color...

Color: What is its Purpose?
By: Keneane B.
NUM. 2
For 2) I decided that this is probably the most important question of all because it helps me really understand why the Giver and Jonas really wanted color. My conclusion is that color equals meaning. That without color, life has no meaning or beauty to it. It is a vital element not only in beauty and passion, but it expresses God's passionate love for us. I believe that that is the reason they wanted color so much.
NUM. 3
Online: Most people said that there would be less problems with clothes, racism and people would just fit in a bit better or there were no advantages.. But also there would be no individuality.
"The colorblind would have no problems..."- Emily
"No real way without color ,except for music, to express yourself."-Caleb
NUM. 4
Amazing... free and joyful. For example White= peace Blue= unity,orange= excited and green= mellow...others just sad important, precious, fun and bubbly. Also said that through color they felt like it was a way that God cares for us.
"Blue= calm and Red/Pink = excited."- Chigo
" Green= life and happiness." - Emily

Online Survey vs Live:
The overall responses were that it expresses individuality and meaning... our diff. personalities. It also shows our creativity and makes the world a piece of art.
" Color makes us happy and we enjoy it"- Amy
" Influences what we eat and wear."- Chigo

Ted Talk
My Conclusion:

Artist Neil Harbisson was born completely color blind, but these days a device attached to his head turns color into audible frequencies. Instead of seeing a world in grayscale, Harbisson can hear a symphony of color -- and yes, even listen to faces and paintings.
In conclusion, I believe that color represents life. It is a sign of God's presence and love, for example God shows his promises for Noah through that rainbow. But when people are asked in which world they would live in, ( colorful or not), everyone is different and have diff. opinions. I also learned that color has a purpose: to make life clearer, more beautiful, and cherish able.

NUM. 1
Also some of the live answers were that " It helps us show our emotions..."- Brian
" Its pretty."- Chigo
The questions I asked were:
1) Why is color such a big impact on our lives?
2) Why is do we need/want color so much?
3) Are there any benefits/disadvantages to a colorless world?
4) How does color make you feel; which ones?

Where would you like to live? If they're the same place which one would you prefer?
" The one on the left, because it looks more intriguing and modern."- Ms. Gregory
"The colorful on because the colors reflect on the water and are more attractive." Mrs. Turcios
Why I Chose this Question! :
I chose these questions because in the world of The Giver, there is no color but in real life there is. Jonas and The Giver really want color it made me wonder what the purpose of color? I believe that ,most people will say that they want color but you never know...
New Questions!
Two new questions that I have are:
What role does color play in a perfect world? & Even though color is beautiful, is it a very necessary thing?
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