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SAP BI Fellowship Program

Learn what the BI Fellowship Program is all about on the SAP Community Network

Jason Cao

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of SAP BI Fellowship Program

BI Fellowship Program on SCN We also care about the individual trees. But we're not just interested
in the big picture. We want the forest to be healthy. SCN is a living forest. The BI Fellowship Program's mission is to create engagements that foster growth and development of future BI experts within SCN. ...or a mature Oak. 6-month pilot starting June 2011
BI Fellows are paired with BI Advisors
Focus is on Business Intelligence Increase success from BI knowledge, skills, self-awareness
Develop and learn in a supportive relationship
Expanded network
Discuss ideas and receive feedback in safe environment Take the next step! Apply at http://bit.ly/BIFellowship Exploring career path in BI industry
Expanding personal network
Increasing BI product knowledge
Completing a BI project
Solving a problem using BI tools How it works How does the program work? Who are the BI Advisors? What topics can I discuss
with my BI Advisor? What are the benefits
for BI Fellows? What is the Fellowship process? What happens next? Images: SAP Whether you're a seedling Keeping you strong keeps us strong.
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