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Recording of the Hadeeth

No description

Hamdan Iqbal

on 17 November 2012

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Transcript of Recording of the Hadeeth

Verily We have sent down the Dhikr and We shall preserve it A presentation by:
Hamdan Iqbal
12G The Recording of Hadith The way of life prescribed as normative for Muslims on the basis of the teachings and practices of Muhammad and interpretations of the Quran The prophet discouraged the Sahabah from writing Hadith because he feared that people would mix them with the Quran and become comfused between the two. I used write everything I heard from the Prophet wanting to preserve it. Abd Allah ibn ‘Amr The Quraysh then prohibited me from doing so, saying, ‘Do you write down everything? And the Prophet is human who speaks while angry and pleased?’ So I refrained from writing and then mentioned this to the Prophet. He gestured to his mouth and said, ‘Write, by the one in whose hand is my soul! Nothing emanates from this except the truth. For personal use only Then how do we have all the books with Hadith and Sunnah? The books containing Hadith are:
Sahih Al-Bukhari
Sahih Muslim
Sunan Abu-Dawud
Malik's Muwatta Khaleefah Abu Bakr ordered the collection of the Quran and made into one volume which enabled the risk of people confusing Quran and Hadith diminish. But then nobody wrote the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) except Abd Allah ibn ‘Amr so how did the hadith get added and made sure they are authentic? It is a major sin to attribute speech to the Prophet incorrectly therefore the companions were very careful while narrating. They also taught the next generation to check the authenticity thoroughly. They went to great lengths checking the hierharchy the hadith was passed from. They tried joining the roots to one of the Companions of the Prophet or the Prophet himself. This was done through traveling to collect the hadith first hand.
One such example is of the companion Jabir ibn Abdullah or Abu Ayub Al Ansari (R.A) Jabir ibn Abdullah Jabir ibn Abdullah travelled for a month to Syria to hear a hadith directly from the other companion who in turn had directly heard it from the Prophet(P.B.U.H) Abu Ayub Al Ansari (R.A) Jabir ibn Abdullah travelled for a month to Syria to hear a hadith directly from the other companion who in turn had directly heard it from the Prophet(P.B.U.H) Imam Al Bukhari Imam Al Bukhari made a very tiring journey to meet a man who was a hadith narrator. The imam was told he was not at home but was out in a field trying to catch an animal that ran away from his farm.
The Imam followed the man and found him trying to trick his animal to him by pretending to have food. After witnessing this the Imam decided to not take the hadith from the man.
He thought that if a person could lie to an animal than there's nothing stopping him from fabricating a hadith HISTORY OF HADITH Al Muwatta written by Malik ibn Anas was probably the first full hadeeth book to be compiled. It contained the complete hadeeth and prophetic knowledge that was collected in madinah. Imam Al Bukahri
Ibn Majah
An Nasa'ee
Ahmed ibn Hanbal } Great collections of Hadeeth > 600 Years Analyzing | Writing | Commentary | Perfecting | Developing > LAST 100 Years Explaining Ahadeeth to make it understandable Sound Hadeeth Different Kinds of Hadeeth Books Saheeh Ul Bukhari
Saheeh Muslim Hadeeth relating to Fiqh Sunan Abu Dawood
Sunan un Tirmithi
Sunan un Nasa'ee
Sunan Ibn Majah Ahadeeth organised by companion Al Musnad Ahadeeth with companions opinion Al Muwatta by Imam Malik Ibn Anas
Al Musannaf by Abd ur Razzaq Ubn Hammam Book of tasfeer and history Tafseer ut Tabari Specific Kind of Hadeeth Qudsi Hadeeth Hadeeth pertaining to Specific topic Ash Shama'il
Al Amwal
Alamat us Sa'ah
Ar Raqaa'iq Analysis of a single hadeeth Cataloging the narrators Tahtheeb Ut Tahtheeb Explaining Vocab and terms in Hadeeth An Nihayah by Ibn Ul Atheer Fabricated Hadeeth Al Mawadoo'aat by Ibn ul Jawzi Summary of books of Hadeeth Jami Ul Usool by Ibn Ul Atheer All Hadeeth in One book Kanz Ul Ummal - Summary of 93 books of hadith
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