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mack smith

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of beowulf

BEOWULF Beowulf was an invincible Norse hero His wish was to kill the ogre The ogres name was grendel and every week he would go to the kings mead hall and kill all the earls This is the monster, Grendel and Beowulf in combat THIS MONSTER WAS THE FIRST OUT OF THE FOUR THAT BEOWULF WAS TO KILL When Beowulf was staying at the mead hall one of the earls had tried to bait Beowulf into a swimming contest Unferth, one of Hrothgar's earls, was jelous of Beowulf and tried to lure him, claiming that Beowulf had been beaten in a swimming contest. When the real story was that he had won the swimming contest, even when he had been slowed down by niceras (sea monsters) who Beowulf had killed; with only his sword. Inferth had bet Beowulf that he did not have the stomach to stay the night in the mead hall. but Beowulf took the bet and in the night when the men were drinking Grendel attacked . Beowulf had accepted to stay the night in the mead all but at mid knight the ogre had attacked and Beowulf fought the ogre without armor because he knew that the beast would be unarmed. They had a long battle that ended with the ogre getting its arm torn off by Beowulf. Grendel had ran back to his home
in the mountains where he laid to die.
Grendel's mother enraged had came to
the hall in the night and killed all the men.
Except for Beowulf and the king. When Beowulf had woken all of his men were hung from the roof; dead. He had ran to the cave of Grendel's mother(the water demon) and made her a deal. The deal was if he gave her another child and the king's golden mead horn that she would not harm the town as long as the horn did not come back. After the recent king died, Beowulf was the crowned king for "killing" Grendel's mother. He hid behind that lie for 50 years, until one day a man came to the land of Denmark carrying the horn that he stole from a dragon's hoard. Beowulf was now scared for his land, for the deal was broken. The next week a dragon had attack the village and Beowulf knew what had happened. by the deal being broken, the village was now under attack by the beast. Beowulf knew that the only way to kill the beast was to stab it in the heart but that was inside of it's neck. Wiglaf saw that his king was losing and came to aide him. Both Beowulf and Wiglaf were able to kill the dragon with a few hits to the stomach and neck. Unfortunately, the beast had poisoned Beowulf and his fate was sealing. Beowulf started to lose the battle as the dragon torched him with it's fiery breath. The funeral was built on the cliff above to serve as a beacon for ships. He passed the tokens of kingship over to Wiglaf for his heroic act and for being loyal to the king. The heroics of BEOWULF were remembered by the Norse for as long, as he was great! The king gave the town's people the treasures from the dragon's hoard, and requested that there be a funeral in honor of him. Beowulf and the dragon fought on a 500ft high cliff with the beast's overhanging hoard nearby. It was likely the town's people would be invaded and enslaved by their enemies because of his death As a memorial to the king they built a lighthouse over his burial pile on the cliff.
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