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The Strategy of Preeminence

An idealism for dealing with customers.

Apis Design

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of The Strategy of Preeminence

What is preeminence? "I'm not trying to sell you - I want to serve you." Understanding in a very, very compassionate way and respectful role how the other side in the transaction feels, sees the situation - what their hopes, dreams, needs, feelings are - expanded far past the mere limiation of the singular transaction you might be engaging in. What is empathy? Truly preeminent companies and individuals always sell ledership in every communication:
Definitive belief system
Authoritative positioning
Conviction of their point of view Focus Clarity Power Understanding Certainty Trust Action is gives gives gives gives results in Connect the dots for them, then they'll take the first step. This is what "leading" is all about. Prospects must define for themselves their biggest frustrations, challenges, and opportunities. Ability and willingness to educate customers as to what their real options are. "Hopefulness". A better and higher wish or hope for the client than they even had for themselves. Never put your interests ahead of your customer. Refuse to sell more or less of what they need. 6 questions: If I were on the receiving end, why would I want this?

Why would I want to take advatange of this offer at this particular time?

What's in it for me?

How will this product make me feel better about myself, my family, my business, my future, my life?

Why is this better than doing what I'm already doing? Or doing nothing at all?

So what? 1 4 3 6 5 2 Sell end results, NOT the steps to get there. People need solutions, not strategy. Make the customer the centre of attention Start each sentence with "you" rather than "I"
Talk about the end result in feelings, in emotional terms - not how it will work.
Ask your customers what they want; and listen. The bottom line 1 2 3 4 5 Preeminent communication style: "We want to lead you to a great result." The people you trust are the people that help you come to a conclusion. You want them to be the expert. "So... here's what you should do, here's how you should do it, and here's why." The Strategy of Preeminence www.apis.ca Act as though you truly want the customer to succeed

Offer them precisely what they need; no more, no less.

Be definitive; bring value; be the expert.

Sell the end result, and the emotional improvement it will bring

Always ask "Would I buy this?"
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