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Managing BA careers

How to manage BA careers beyond the 5 year itch.

David Reinhardt

on 21 July 2011

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Transcript of Managing BA careers

Managing BA careers July 2011 Why is this important to us? We want to meet our employee value proposition
We want to delight our clients
We want to effect meaningful change What does this mean? We need to find the best people... In our early days We delivered many successful projects and our people developed their careers but... After about five years we noticed a worrying trend

We weren’t delivering our employee value proposition. taking internal leadership positions
leaving the business We wanted to do better So we asked our people what they thought, and did some analysis… What does a BA with 5 years experience need to be happy at work? What did we learn? We were only managing half of our peoples' careers
We identified a need for increased differentiation between consultants of the same grade
After five years we needed to focus less on their technical skills base and more on their own analysis career path What did we do? We applied the model What’s our next struggle? What are your key takeaways from this session? What are our key takeaways? ...and we need to keep them as long as possible. Motivated & engaged
The right analysis skills
The right people skills
Understanding of technology
Attitudinally-aligned Experienced people
started leaving analysis! We focused on developing our technical skills
As the company matured, we developed a grade structure based on a library of skills relevant to experience
To manage our growing numbers and careers, we built a talent management tool
We began to realise the importance of key transitions within the grade structure How do we use consultants to drive sales without introducing sales targets? David Reinhardt - david.reinhardt@bsguk.co.uk - @davereinhardt www.bsgdelivers.com Separating hype from reality Optional goals allow senior BA’s to create a path that is meaningful for them We introduced mandatory (core) and optional goals for senior grades We ensured that new goals identified were cascaded back into the junior roles We are able to articulate the transition to Principal Consultant Duality of a business analyst career Giving people space to do what’s important Creating career paths for more experienced resources is harder, it requires a higher degree of customisation The early 2000s were awesome
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