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Affef Korichi

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Babez Circle Welcome, Ladies. Open Day ! What
GWiTA? Questions
? Program Algiers Chapter Join GWiTA Meriem Bounif Seriously NOW ! Google Women in Technology Ambassadors A BIG international community Created by : OK, A BIG Technology family An initiative by : North
Africa Middle east April 2012 The journey started. First presentation May 2012 GWiT Intro GDays June 2012 GWiT Algiers
Chapter September 2012 GWiT Algiers welcome day November 2012 On December 2012 Into I'm bored Oh god !

A lot of paper !
.... Everything
is allright Women
In Technology Join US ! Add Your Workshops Successful
Women In
Technology Marissa Ann Mayer Sheryl Kara
Sandberg Padmarsee Worrior Ursula M.Burns Tahani Amer Every Little Girl With Dreams
Become Woman with Vision .. Our
Strategy Projects Get it started March Geeky
Lady! GWiTA Café April Map Your University May Competion
(cook website) May competitions are
waiting for you ! meetings with
other GWiTA
circles ! "Babez's
Circle" March Skills developping February 2013 Algiers Chapter ? GWiTA Open Day : Babez Circle MENA Algeria How did Start in Algeria ? Sarah Bouguéroua Kahina Ferroukhi Affef Korichi Time for you !
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