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Reggie Anderson

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Middle Colonies
It is located in the middle east of
America. It
includes Pennsylvania,
The middle colonies were located south of New
England, north of the southern colonies and
west of the Atlantic Ocean.Then east of New
France is the middle colonies.
Because of the glaciers that went through hundreds of years ago, the soil from New England was scooped up and stopped at the middle colonies.
There was lots of rain and the climate was great for growing crops.
With all the rivers that were there, most people used them for transportation because they were very wide and deep.
Since most people owned farms which were full of wildlife they would hunt those animals.
New York
Major People
Peter Minuit
Bought Manhattan from the Native
New Jersey
Peter Stuyvesant
Forced to surrender New Netherlands
to the British.
William Penn
Was ordered to be owner of
James Duke of York
Changed New Netherlands to New York
Ben Franklin
An inventor who then signed the Declaration of Independents.

The Middle Colonies were
made because many people
moved to other pieces
of land and formed other
colonies because there was not enough
space in England. Also farming was hard in
England so they found new land. They also
wanted to make money and have free religion.

Peter Minuit bought Manhattan from Nativ Americans for $26 (in today's money).

English ships sailed into New Amsterdam to take over
but the colonist surrendered because their leader Peter
Stuyvesant was so mean.
Major people
Pennsylvania was owned by William Penn.
James Duke had land and called it New York. They gave the rest of the land to his two friends.
Time line
The Dutch
The Dutch had many different cultures so that means just about anyone was welcomed.
The first settlement in New Netherlands was the fur trading posts.
The Dutch West India company looked for settlers from other country's.
New York/New Jersey
Boys did most of the farming and they planted grains and other fruits
Colonist relied on laborers to do their big hard work
Artisan-someone who made trade items by hand
Shipping and trading
New York sent many
ships to other colonies to
proprietors lived in England so they had governors to rule their land.
representatives were chosen to speak for others.
Penn wanted to start a colony were all Christians can worship in their own way.
Most Quakers were put in jail because of their religious beliefs so they moved to Pennsylvania.
The Pennsylvania assembly had more power because they could approve or reject laws.
Penn was very friendly with the Native Americans and very treaty.
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