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Human Body Systems

Science 8 - Unit 1 Cells and Systems; Chapter 2 "Human body systems work independently and together"

Meg Rooney

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of Human Body Systems

Human Body Systems each body system is called an organ system
within each organ system are tissues and cells
cells of the same structure and function are grouped into tissues
groups of tissues form organs All systems have the following characteristics:
a system is made of individual parts that work together as a whole
a system is usually connected to one or more systems
if one part of the system is missing or damaged, the system will not function well or may not function at all What is a system? Organ systems.... 4 Types of Tissue:
muscle tissue
nerve tissue
connective tissue
epithelial tissue Respiratory System
controls breathing
exchanges gases in lungs and tissues Excretory System
removes liquid and gas wastes from the body Muscular System
has muscles that work with bones to move parts of the body Circulatory System
transports blood, nutrients, gases and wastes Endocrine System
manufactures and releases hormones Reproductive System
includes reproductive organs for producing offspring Human Heart Digestive System
takes in food
absorbs nutrients
eliminates solid waste Human Stomach Nervous System
detects changes in the environment and signals these changes to the body, which then carries out a response Skeletal System
supports, protects and works with muscles to move parts of the body Immune System
defends the body against infections Integumentary System
includes skin, hair and nails
creates a waterproof protective barrier around the body too much? not enough? Digestive System Continued... More on this later... More on these systems later... What colour is blood? where does digestion begin?
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