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President Nixon

The life of President Nixon

Kristina Wade

on 19 November 2009

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Transcript of President Nixon

President Nixon On January 5th, 1972 NASA was created
Nixon sent 3 men to the moon President Nixon's Major Strengths
Accomplishments 1973 President Nixon resolved the Vietnam War, Nixon Doctrine was made, it was to replace American Troops with Vietnamese Troops One of the first things Nixon did as President was establish a good relationship with China Patricia Nixon "Pat" Patricia Nixon, known as Pat, promoted many charitable causes.
The one cause she promoted the most was volunteerism. She told
Americans they should go to local hospitals, civic orginizations,
and rehab centers and volunteer to help them out. At her time she
was the most traveled First Lady, and she was the first First Lady that
traveled into a combat zone. Pat was named Oustanding Homemaker of the year in 1953, Mother of the year in 1955, and Nations Ideal Housewife
in 1957.
Watergate Scandal Nixon ended the Military Draft Break-In at Watergate The tapes found in President Nixon's
office Men involved President Nixon Resigns Due to the accusations, President Nixon
resigns as president. His Vice President, Ford,
comes into office. To this day President Nixon is the
first and only President of the United States to resign
from office Life after office Richard President Nixon First Lady Patricia Nixon Prg
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