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Brownies yumm

No description

Amelia Ritter

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Brownies yumm

Brownies yumm
1.Prep brownie mixes follow box instructions. Substitute eggs with variable listed below.
Banana: Mash it smooth
measure ½ banana or ¼ of a cup for every 1 egg
measure ⅓ cup of applesauce for every 1 egg
Soy yogurt:
measure ¼ cup of soy yogurt
Flax Seeds: Grind the flax seeds in a coffee grinder, and mix with water. Allow it to rest till it becomes gelatinous.
1 tbsp. ground Flax seeds and 3 tbsp. of water for every 1 egg
Regular brownie mix

Applesauce substitution
flax seed substitution
banana substitution
Regular brownie
light brown
more dense/ ingredients combines better
1 inch thick
2 bananas
flax seeds
5 brownie tins (same dimensions)
5 boxes of the same brownie mix
coffee grinder
vegetable oil
2 eggs
Eggs are among the key ingredients in baking such as in the brownie.Eggs help moisten batters and dough because egg whites are 88 percent water and yolks are 50 percent water this is an easy task for an egg. The flour in brownies absorbs the liquid while, starch granules swell and create the framework. Moisture will ultimately change into steam, a leavening agent so powerful that just one part liquid bursts into 1,600 parts steam.

Why were the applesauce brownies so oily?
Why was the banana the only substance that overpowered the taste of the chocolate?
Why did the flaxseed brownie have a different texture?
possible experimental errors
amount of time required to cook
differences in location of experiment
actual temperature of oven
nonstick spray used
how much oil was used in baking pans
measurements weren’t exact
rest time

works cited
plain yogurt substitution

24 minute cook time

does not affect the taste
dark brown

23 minute cook time
tastes like chocolate frosting
⅜ inch tall
dark brown

27 minute cook time
yogurt taste
softer than regular brownies
¾ inch thick

gooey texture
dark brown
very hard

the taste of the banana overpowered the chocolate
½ inch thick
34 minutes
dark brown
middle is sunken in
oily on the bottom
healthy taste/ flax seed after taste
1/2 inch thick
23 minute cook time
To complete the experiment, five pans of brownies were baked with the same brownie mix and the same sized pan but different egg substitutes. Although all the different types of brownies successfully baked and were edible, it was determined that the brownies made with eggs, or the “regular” brownies, came out the best. This is because eggs work as leavening agents. When heated, the proteins in egg whites uncoil and force moisture out while the egg yolks add richness and moisture to the baked goods.
Bananas and applesauce add moisture and thicken the batter, like eggs, but they do not help the batter rise and become light and fluffy as most people prefer their brownies. It is also important to note that applesauce cannot only substitute for eggs but can also substitute for oil. It is necessary to replace the oil with applesauce as well as the egg or the baked good will turn out extremely oily.

In addition, there is a gum in the seed coating of flax seed that becomes gelatinous when the seeds are ground and mixed with water. This emulsifies the structure of baked goods similar to the way eggs do. However, the gelatinous aspect of the flax seed alters the texture of the brownie making it not as fluffy and satisfying as the “regular” brownies.
The most successful egg substitute in the experiment is the yogurt. Yogurt is a good substitution for liquid and fat in the baked good and fulfilled all the jobs of the egg. On top of that, yogurt can also be used as an oil substitute as well. The result of using yogurt instead of eggs was a fluffy cake-like brownie that was slightly moister than the “regular “ brownie.
All of the substitutes worked in replacing brownies but some made the result too oily and moist. The result of the experiment being that the concluded “best” replacement for eggs in brownies is yogurt because the result is most similar to that of the “regular” brownie.
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