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Class Made Easy

This prezi will tell you the benfits of the world wide web or web 2.0.

Madeline T

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Class Made Easy

Class Made Easy Classes can easily become
paperless class with what
known as Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is known as or defined as the read write web. Web 2.0 is in place of paper and pencil. It is linking people. Ten easy ways to make your class easier 1. Google Docs Is an online version of Microsoft Offices. It allows you to make Power Points, documents, and spreadsheets online. As long as you have internet access you can edit you project. Do your classrooms look like this?? or With paperless classes you will have to teach less because students will be able to work indepently or with help from other students With Google Docs partner projects would become alot easier because everybody could work on the project at once as long as they have internet actions 2.Blogs Blogs are quicker easier ways for teachers and students to share information. Blogs were given their name from the word web and log. Blogs allow teachers to post information students to see what that might miss. A great website to use is thinkquest.org 3.Twitter Twitter is a online Networking site that allows people to know what others are doing in a 140 characters or less. Twitter could allow students to ask questions, while the teacher can post the answers for all students to see. 4.Flickr Flickr is a online website used for sharing photos with others Flickr would allow students to share picture that they like and want to possible use for a project. 5.Social Networking 6. Cloud Computing 7. Pandora 8. Online Bookmarks 9. RSS 10. Podcast/Broadcast Social networking sites are linking people together. They allow people to commuicate all across the world as long as they have internet access. Social networking sites will allow students to communicate about projects, or to ask you, the teacher, a question about that night homework assignment. Allow people to create the own radio station that has the music that they like, that is all yours. With pandora each student could listen to the music that they like while they work. With music in their ears they are going to be more focused and alot quieter. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication." RSS allows you to sign up for something and get an Email that has the newest news that is going. With RSS a class could sign up for a big newspaper, and they would get the newest new that is happening. Cloud Computings lets you access your documants, presentation, and other information anywhere you are as long as you have internet access. With Clound Computing classrooms could easily become paperless because we can work on projects anywhere we are. Online bookmarks are bookmarks online. You can bookmark a page, and later click on that bookmark to take you back to that page Bookmarks could help students show that the information for a project is not made up, that they got it from an actual website.
A podcast/broadcast digital media file available on the internet, that is available on almost any computer. Podcast could allow teachers to communicate, face to face, with student that can make it to school, as long as the have internet access.
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