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Crash Course World History

No description

Cooper McCormick

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Crash Course World History

Indus Valley Civilization -Well built cities, dense stacked homes
-Similar to building skills and planning of Chicago
-Advanced Plumbing
-Natural AC -3000 B.C.
-Agricultural people, valley would flood and deposit minerals and nutrients in the soil
-Was one of the largest ancient civilizations
-All of our information comes from archeology 3 Theory's for end of the Indus Valley People 1. Conquest
-Peaceful People with no weapons 2. Environmental disaster 3.Earthquake Mesopotamia---Babylon -Brought writing into existence
-Created further class separation
-Used initially as transaction recording
-Had temples
-Shifted towards palaces
-See-Saw of man and god worship
-Also created taxes
-Private enterprise
-People could produce lots, as long as parts were given to the government
-2000 B.C. Nomads took over
-Continued city state governing
-Fearsome Warriors
-Believed that loosing a
battle would literally be
the end of the world Ancient Egypt Three Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt Middle Kingdom Old Kingdom New Kingdom 2649-2152 1550-1070 2040-1640 Egyptian Cities -Cities were built on the Nile River
-It was safe
-Easily Navigable
-Regular in current
-Flooded one time a year
-Made crop grown very easy Having the easy growing crops gave a food surplus with very little labor Buried with valuables Glory Days Of Egypt When the Pyramids were built King Ra
-Central God
-God of Egypt
-"Son God" Was a very rich Culture New Pharaohs came from Sudan Brought new God Amen Amen formed with Ra and created Amen-Ra who was the best God ever Became more militaristic Had rapid expansion and more military influence Downfall of Egypt was being too aggressive
Should have settled down and enjoyed the location Persian Dynasty Created in 539 BCE Persians and Greeks Conquered Mesopotamia Conquered Indus Valley Conquered Egypt Essentially kicked butt of everyone in the civilized area However Persians were great rulers -All you had to do was pledge alliance to them -Had basic laws
-Low taxes
-Improved mail system and infrastructure
-Didn't allow slaves Greeks -Seen as a people of culture
-Created many aspects of contemporary culture
-Created Democracy Greek and Persian War Greek Victory gave way to the classic age Wars went on from 490-480 BCE -Greeks and Persians Went to war
-Persian threats brought together the Greek city states to form Greece India The Vedas -Ancient Indian text
-Is the basis for Hinduism The Caste System -Part of the Vedas
-Was essentially the social ladder of the Indians
-Was designed by the god Purusha
-Mouth--Upper class, could talk to Purusha
-Arms--Warriors, protected the other classes
-Thighs--Merchants and Bankers
-Feet--Laborers, everyone "stepped on them" Karma Buddhism Buddhism is another large part of the Indian culture. -Formed in the 6th century
-Indian Prince locked in his palace, under his fathers orders
-Lived a great, rich life
-Thought that there was more to life and left
-Found suffering in his travels
-Sought out to find why suffering happened at the end of one's life
-Became the Buddha after reaching Nirvana through meditation China We look at the history of China through the separation of the Dynasties The Dynasty's were named by the Sir name of the ruling family
-The next Dynasty moved in after conquering the last Dynasty
-The ruling family set the standard for the time of the Dynasty
-The Han Dynasty may have been the most important Dynasty,
-Shang Dynasty
-This was the first real Dynasty 1600 BCE
-Mandate of Heaven
-Was like the bible
-You do bad things, you get taken over
-Made up fake Dynasty
-Was the Father of China
-Created respect system
-Son respects Father, Father earns respect
-Emperor is Father to all
- Roman Empire Split into two social classes
Rich People
Plain Folk Partisans made up the Senate
Elected two Co-Consoles to rule
Kept everything in check
Elected Dictator to take over in cases of great danger
Would come in
Save Rome
Go back home Was the most well known Roman
-Born 100 BCE to a great family
-Ran for Console
-Became Powerful and Conquered Lands for Rome
-Had corrupt armies
-Became the master of Rome
-Changed taxes, Pensions, and even the Calender
-Was killed by the Senate in 44 BCE for being way to powerful Romes Government
-Very diverse
Very Corrupt Julius Cesear Early Civilizations
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