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No description

Luca Gioppo

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of OpenPA

public administration is the rightholder of software built under its own requirements and with its own money do all contractors respect this statement?
does all PA enforce this right? Re-use between PA Why this speech? What do I have to teach you? Why bother? You study to become future managers? An engineer has an ethic code Public Administration must work for common good PA software needs constant update due to change of central law or local legislation > 8100 municipalities 110 provinces 20 regions ... and enable interoperability Luca Gioppo luca.gioppo@gmail.com open source portals cms java architecture rpg integration technical leader php SOA EII computer graphic PNL internet of things XML SourceForge.net, the popular open source forge site, hosts over 260,000 projects developed by 2.7 million developers.
On the social coding site GitHub, 498,000 people are hosting over 1.5 million projects. The vast majority of them fall under an open source license.
Google’s open source Chrome web browser holds 8 to 10 percent market share of the web browser market since its release in September 2008 and is growing quickly.
Android has surpassed BlackBerry in overall mobile operating system marke share and over the 2010 holiday season, grew faster than Apple iOS, according to Net Applications.
The Firefox web browser developed by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation holds about 31 percent usage among web users.
According to IDC, demand for Linux servers continues to grow and represented 17.5 percent of all server revenue, up 2.6 percent from last year.
According to the December 2010 Netcraft web survey, the open source Apache web server holds 59.35 percent of the web server market share, followed by Microsoft with 22.22 percent, while open source Nginx and Lighttpd held 6.62 percent and .51 percent respectively with 240 million web servers queried.
The Fedora Linux project sees over 2 million unique visitors to its site in a given month; over 150,000 downloads; and over 25,000 active contributors of code, documentation, translations and bug submissions per month.
Red Hat, the world's largest open source company, ended its fiscal Q3 in November with over $236 million, up 21% from the prior year and is on track to reach over $1 billion in revenue in 2011. It would be the first open source-focused company to break the billion dollar barrier. make buy/use Legal aspects [i'm no lawyer] PA business niche market PA2 has to ask PA1 for reuse
take copy of the software (fork)
to get support PA2 has better call the same original developer or ... cost rise
no single maintainer
if product require licence fee PA2 has to buy it Reuse limits PA as neutral sponsor that guarantee equity between partners
private of all size (single contributor or company) can participate
governance in PA's hands
different PA could fund and so gain rights (gain access on board comittee based on funding)
development based on public auction for features
private can "branch" new feature to satisy market interest; PA can opt to include branch into mainstream
public forge Evolved glasshouse right to use the product in commercial context
chance to evolve product aside PA's will
visibility on capability Avdantages governance of the product
automatic reusability and simpler maintenance procurement
convergence of requirement and funds
better testbed mosquito fight
old age vacation program
doctor choose/revoke
gas station grant
public digging
e-Procurement & tender
... some examples it depends on the pieces you use to start "make" few software start ALL from scratch OSS can help GDP and PA mission in Europe licence money goes to foreign companies
OSS can help reuse
procuring OSS is easier for PA
uses open standards
steers citizen towards legal behaviour Which tools learning for PA of tomorrow EII
mobile development
Business analysis
Collaboration & communication
Archival & retrieval
Security Good examples France (procurement requirements that implied OSS offering)
China OSS for school ALL rights but moral one How to exert the right? good contract .. or asking for a specific OSS licence

but which one? What about community? We got a law that talk about evaluation of products, openness in data format

no clear strategy on open source specific law on OSS
promotes open data
openness of source code of PA development
promotion of OSS in schools and SMBs Design IT for PA 87 public body consortiated > 1000 servers
hundreds IT procedures managed EA 30 years of software
obsolescence is becoming a problem
integration is needed
successful project need more power

Open source can be an answer
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