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The Battle of Jericho

No description

Ty-Monae' Whitlow

on 9 November 2013

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Transcript of The Battle of Jericho

The Battle of Jericho
The Battle of Jericho
Author: Sharon M. Draper
The setting mainly takes place in school, or in Jericho's home. Occasionally they would be in a warehouse where The Warriors of Distinction meeting are held.
Story Plot
The main plot that takes place in the story Jericho, Josh, and Kofi want to join The Warriors of Distinction. But the only problem is that they have to do things jericho isn't comfortable with to get in but he has to do them any way.
Story Themes
One of the many themes of the story is try to reach your goals but dont lose yourself on the way.
Another theme is that if you want something so bad go through with it. Ex: Jericho really likes Arielle but he doesn't really tell her in the beginning.
How I feel about the story.....
I like the story so far, its has good morals and real life examples and tragedy's. I like how it explored the life of all the characters, not just Jericho's ( the main characters ). I would recommend this book any many of her other books to everyone. Even if your not much of a book reader you'll find yourself stuck in one of her books. And they always leave you wanting more at the end.
Book Cover
Report by: Ty-Monae' Whitlow
is the main character.
He is an excellent trumpet player
He is a pledge to The Warriors of Distinction with his cousin Josh and his friend Kofi.
He has a major crush on his friend Arielle , which will soon become his girlfriend
is Jericho's cousin.
He is dating November.
He is a obedient pledge to The Warriors of Distinction.
He will do anything to become a Warrior of Distinction.
is Jericho's and Josh's friend.
He has a crush on Dana.
He is also an obedient Warrior of Distinction pledge.
Like Josh, he will do anything to be a Warrior of Distinction.
is Jericho's crush.
She is friends with November and Dana.

is Josh's girlfriend.
She works with children in need because has a brother with a disability and feels she needs to help others.
Eric Bell
is one of Jericho's friends.
He is in a wheelchair because his other friends dared him to jump of a fence into the pool as they did, but he didn't make it like everyone else do.
Member's of The Warriors of Distinction
includes Rick, Mad Madison, Eddie and more.
is like one of the boy's.
She posed as a male to become a pledge for The Warriors of Distinction.
She secretly likes Kofi.
Ever since she become a pledge, she has been getting sexually harassed by Eddie.
Other books
Rising Action
Falling Action
Event Plot
The exposition of the event is when the two run into Mad Madison in the mall.
Jericho and Kofi run into Mad Madison in the mall. He tells them they have to still two ornaments each from a Christmas tree in a store to show their loyalty.
The rising action is when Mad Madison asks Jericho and Kofi to steal ornaments of a store Christmas tree.
The climax of the event is when Kofi and Jericho go into the store and Jericho distracts the salesman while Kofi gets to ornaments.
The falling action is when Kofi gives Jericho a signal that he has the ornaments. Jericho was relieved because he was running out of things to say.
The resolution of the event is when Jericho and Kofi run out of the store. Jericho is out of breath and worried but Kofi is laughing and giddy.
The End
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