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Lulu (Nanapush) Lamartine

No description

Allison Rogers

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Lulu (Nanapush) Lamartine

Discussion Question
Lulu (Nanapush) Lamartine
Relations to other characters
Major Events
Lulu gets curious about Moses Pillager and wants to go visit him. Nanapush and Rushes Bear don't think it's a good idea, but she goes anyways.
When she goes to his island, they end up hooking up together which resulted in her first unnamed child.
"We lay together in a nest of pelts, and i guided his palms to where I'd never been touched" (Erdrich 80).
Negative Qualities
"'Not everyone can see him. You might look right through him like a ghost.' 'I have a sharp eye.' 'He doesn't speak.' 'I'll talk Indian.'" (Erdrich 74)
"Most of her life, Lulu had been known as a flirt. And that was putting it mildly." (Erdrich 105)
Significant Quotes
"At length I knew he loved, or at least was taken up with, someone else" (Erdrich 273)
"Nobody knows this. When i was seven, I found the body of a dead man in the woods. (Erdrich 275)
**Read page 276/77**

"Holes, dirt.....between us unbent"
"There are so many things I never cried for. I knew if I started now I would have to waste all the rest of my last years. (Erdrich 292)
Physical Attributes
"Round & Plush, yet just at the edge of slim (Erdrich 62)
"My hair was short, springy, and glossy, curled with a lead stick. My shoes were slick and black from the water. My rolled down anklets were so white they glowed" (Erdrich 76)
"We slept curved in one shape, around the baby as it grew" (Erdrich 83)
"I grew bigger, bigger, my body stretched unbearably. I grew so huge I fightened myself" (Erdrich 83)
Physical Attributes Cont..
"The black garment seemed to make her even more denser then she was. Her round face, and chubby hands were a pale dough color, cold and wet with shock." (Erdrich 102)
She was known as a flirt (Erdrich 105)
She was describes by Nector as 'having smooth tight skin, wrinkled only where she laughed', 'hair dark and thickly curled', and she had "bold, gleaming blackberry eyes'. (Erdrich 112)
Major Events
While at Henry's funeral
, Lulu ends up
fainting and falling into
Henry's grave
while the pollbearers wer
e lowering
down his casket.

"Lulu plunged heavily
down the
trophy flag, and the ro
pes burned
out of the pollbearers h
ands. The
box hit bottom." (Erdric
h 104)
Lulu house burns down, en
ding her
love affair with Nector Kas
Positive Qualities
Overlapping Qualities
"Want to know something i never told before? It was after I won your shorts with my pair of dueces and Henry's with my eights, and you were naked except for your hat, that I decided which to marry."
“You know Lulu Lamartine if you know life is made up of three kinds of people—those who live it, those afraid to, those in between. My mother is the first. She has no fear, and that’s what’s wrong with her.”
"No one ever understood my wild and secret ways. They used to say Lulu Lamartine was like a cat, loving no one, only purring to get what she wanted. But that's not true. I was in love with the whole world and all that lived in its rainy arms." (Erdrich 272)
Lulu risks her own life to save Lyman from her house fire.
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